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Studium nanoformulací žlučových kyselin pro terapii zánětlivých onemocnění jater

The aim of this project is to prepare novel combinatory nanoformulation based on lipids and polymers, that can efficiently encapsulate and deliver bile acids such as obeticholic acid (OCA) and its derivatives to the macrophages (such as Kupfer cells). Obeticholic acid is a very potent compound, that have strong anti-inflammatory action. This action is mediated by farnesoid X receptor (FXR). OCA is selled as a peroral formulation (trademark name OCALIVA). In the case of systemic administration, has numerous side effects, like abdominal or oropharyngeal pain, thyroid function abnormality, and eczema. To reduce side effects and to enhance site specific action, development of targeted delivery system is needed. In this project novel combinatory nanoformulation will be prepared, which will allow to deliver OCA to the liver macrophages. To efficiently incorporate OCA to the obtained nanosystem, modifications of convenient methods will be used. The nanosystem will be biodegradable, non-toxic, non-immunogenic, with the size in range 100 – 300 nm. This project combines highly potent FXR ligand OCA, that has demonstrated very good activity against hepatic inflammation and nanotechnology-based drug delivery system. The aim of this project is to develop sufficiently effective nanoformulation to deliver OCA into the target tissue and limiting the side effects. Project is innovative, because there are no published data about targeted delivery of OCA to any tissues to date.

Číslo: GAUK1348120

Období: 01.01.2020 - 31.12.2022

Poskytovatel: Univerzita Karlova - Grantová agentura UK

Hlavní řešitel: Iefremenko Dmytro, M.Sc. - Farmaceutická fakulta v Hradci Králové

Celkový objem financí: 703 000,00 Kč

Interní řešitelé

Hlavní řešitel: Dmytro Iefremenko, M.Sc. - Farmaceutická fakulta v Hradci Králové, FaF HK
Spoluřešitel: Mgr. Nancy Mrózková - Farmaceutická fakulta v Hradci Králové, FaF HK
Spoluřešitel: Mgr. Barbora Boltnarová - Farmaceutická fakulta v Hradci Králové, FaF HK
Spoluřešitel: PharmDr. Jana Kubačková, Ph.D. - Farmaceutická fakulta v Hradci Králové, FaF HK
Školitel: PharmDr. Ondřej Holas, Ph.D. - Univerzita Karlova,

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