Department of Biophysics and Physical Chemistry

Education Overview

The courses in biophysics, physical chemistry, mathematics and statistics provide students with basic knowledge necessary to study pharmacy in higher years. The subjects are conceived in relation to subsequent subjects taught at the faculty. The course computer technology equips students with computer skills that are particularly useful when writing a master thesis. The department also offers a course on basic statistics for doctoral students.
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Research Overview

The mathematics and statistics section addresses the development of mathematical models and simulations for pharmacological processes, particularly for the process of drug distribution inside cells and organs. It further conducts research in computational quantum-chemistry, especially based on density functional theory, and investigates statistical procedures used in the pharmaco-technical, pharmaco-social and pharmacological research.

The biophysics section is focussed on three research directions, namely on research in radioalabeling of biologically active substances, in the biophysics of lipids of the human stratum corneum contributing to the barrier-function of the skin and in monitoring the extent of oxidative damage to the human body.

The physical chemistry section is dedicated to the study of the thermodynamic characteristics of drug interactions with biological macromolecules. The section further investigates the oxidative reducing properties of biologically active substances using electro-chemical techniques and determines physico-chemical characteristics of newly prepared potential drugs and develops HPLC methods.
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