Research Areas

Cooperatio Program “Pharmaceutical Sciences”

The Charles University Cooperatio Program “Pharmaceutical Sciences” aims to coordinate research activities at 6 faculties of the Charles University: the Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové and all five Faculties of Medicine.
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Research Projects

Faculty of Pharmacy at Charles University is in terms of scientific activity among the top institutions in the Czech Republic. Every year more than a hundred works successfully published in prestigious scientific journals are issued by our laboratory staff, and our staff are the authors of a number of patents .
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Research Teams

Research at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Charles University is being developed in all areas of pharmaceutical science and recently all efforts to comprehensively solve the drug-related issues have been deepened. See more


Publication activity is one of the basic faculty priorities documenting security representing the educational process and scientific potential of the university. See more


Transfer of Knowledge and Technology

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Core Facilities

Faculty of Pharmacy has modern core facilities, that provide resources and services for the faculty research teams and also for the education of doctoral and master students. See more


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