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PhotoStudying abroad has been one of the most challenging steps in my life, but the well-organized study program and supportive environment at Charles University enabled me to learn and improve my skills every day. Charles University is one of the high-ranked universities in the world with a high reputation for offering a high-quality education focused on teaching both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of pharmacy. Moreover, the cultural, social, scientific, and sports events offered by the university enable the international students to socialize and feel at home. The Faculty of Pharmacy is in Hradec Kralove which is a great city for student life with beautiful landscapes and easy access to everything you need at an affordable price. So far, I have spent four years of my life with amazing people I have met here, and with all ups and downs through this journey, I am grateful to be a member of Charles university and I highly recommend it to those who are passionate about pharmacy.

PhotoStudying at Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove allowed me to face challenges that I would never think I could overcome and achieve academic goals. Studying abroad has given me the opportunity to develop new skills and a greater sense of independence. One of the things that appeal to me about Charles University is the use of innovative teaching methods, learning more practical skills and techniques rather than solely lecture-based studies. The course itself is well structured and provides a wide variety of learning resources, and I personally enjoy the large number of practical exercises that not only supplement the lectures but are important in their own right. The city of Hradec Kralove is a great place to live, and it has everything that you could want within walking distance. There are various events that take place throughout the year, such as festivals and sports teams. The faculty members have a reputation for providing a great learning environment, and professors are very knowledgeable and have the necessary skills to help each student succeed. Professors are always willing to help, and there is an emphasis placed on understanding the course rather than just passing the exam. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Charles University and would immensely recommend it to others.

PhotoI am attending Charles University Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové. This is the most rewarding and life-enriching experience I have ever had so far. Great academic standards, amazing facilities, attractive campus, lovely staff, and world-class faculty. Every day, this training teaches and challenges me. Since starting at Charles University, everything has changed; I've learned a lot about myself and developed a lot of academic skills. The knowledge and experiences I've received over this time are extremely valuable in that they will help me flourish as a pharmacist in a wide range of sectors relating to pharmaceutical sciences in the future. Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to meet students from all over the world with diverse cultural backgrounds and develop lifelong friendships. Above all that, Hradec Kralove is a great city. Small enough for you to get to know properly, but big enough to get the city life. Two of the best years of my life were spent in this beautiful city and campus. I couldn't recommend more!

PhotoI spent my entire life in South Korea before deciding to start a new chapter of my life at Charles University. So, I fully understand that coming to a foreign place far away from my hometown can be overwhelming. Not to mention the long list of documents and things you must prepare before you even step foot in this country. For me, studying in the faculty of Pharmacy has opened my eyes to a lot of new cultures and wonderful friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life. And the best thing about the Charles university is being taught by student-friendly staff who are leaders in their fields. I can get to speak with people who are shaping the world of Pharmacy in the Czech Republic and are doing the research and development that will underpin the treatments of the future. And they allow us to apply what we’ve studied in real life. It enriches my learning experience and knowledge about Pharmacy. Maybe it’s a bit hard at the beginning because it’s a different country with different people. I’m sure when you start your adventure, there are so many things to look forward to. Do things that you never imagined yourself doing, and you might surprise yourself!

PhotoI assume you are most likely a prospective student, passionate about science, and determined to work hard for your dreams. If so, I invite you to follow my story.
If the postulate “We grow when we face challenges” stands strong, Charles University was a big challenge for me in the beginning. Being ranked #93 in Best Global Universities in Europe, this faculty possesses very high criteria but is by no means unattainable for someone willing to work hard and achieve an excellent career in the field of pharmacy. The high concentration of talented faculty members, excellent professors, researchers, and students, also the endless scientific research spirit is the backbone of the faculty. Their proper guidance in the program of study, information, and resources enable me to acquire the right concepts and knowledge. This faculty encourages active learning and offers a very supportive environment for academic and personal growth. I noticed myself every day improving my problem-solving, critical thinking, and time-management skills, abilities to think and work independently as well as in a team, communication, and leadership skills. I enjoy student life in Hradec Kralove, a quiet town full of green places, home to many students worldwide. I had the opportunity to get to know other cultures and enjoy many new, beautiful experiences. As one of the oldest cities in the Czech Republic, it is also a good chance for international students to explore Czech culture and rich history. To all the ambitious learners and challenge welcomers reading this, I would highly recommend joining Charles University!

PhotoI cannot forget the excitement I felt deep in my heart the first day I went to the faculty. It was the beginning of the journey towards the dream I had been longing for. It has been almost two years since my journey as a pharmacy student began, and I am truly happy with all aspects of my student life. Charles University offers a high-quality education that focuses on experiential learning, which allows for the fusion of theoretical aspects with practical reflections giving the student the ability to develop skills for applying knowledge to practical situations. And I am very thankful for the opportunities to meet friends from various countries. This gives me happiness and is a great strength to have a broad perspective. Of course, I had to face some small ‘battles’ with myself during the semester, but there is no doubt that it is the best way to create the most precious value in my life. I believe happiness and fulfillment come from growth. If you are taking the time to read my letter, you are already demonstrating an essential quality one needs to be a successful student. I recommend you take chances, keep an open mind, to welcome new experiences and new ideas with Charles University.

PhotoThe urge to live up to my potential and prove my capabilities among peers has become my ambition from the very first day I was introduced to the appealing concepts of chemistry and pharmacy in particular. The determination, hardworking and courage to face new challenges have led me towards my goal. Joining Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove to pursue my dream of becoming a pharmacist was a significant milestone, as Charles University ranks in upper 1.5% of all universities in the world, and it is located in the heart of Europe. This prestigious university not only offer high level of education, but it also provides students with proper guidance to improve their communication and interpersonal skills. It has been almost three years since my journey as a pharmacy student began and I am truly happy with all aspects of my student life. I have been enjoying my life in Hradec Kralove as I tried to balance it with study, sport, and social activities. This town is home to many students who will become your friends and do not let you feel homesick. If you are a curious learner and a hard worker who is interested in learning and experiencing new challenges, Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy is a right place for you.

PhotoIt has been truly an honor to be able to study and be a small part of Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove for the last three years. The knowledge and experiences that I have gained over this period are immensely valuable in a sense that it will help me in the future to succeed as a pharmacist in wide variety of fields related to pharmaceutical sciences. And it's all thanks to the faculty, which provides each student with state-of-the-art facilities and very well trained and educated staff who is always ready to help and create an excellent environment for learning. Additionally, I have been able to meet students from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds and form friendships that will last a lifetime Overall, I feel blessed that I have chosen to study at Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University.

Charles University is the right choice!

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