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PhotoBeing a part of the distinguished Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy for the past four and a half years I feel both honored and fortunate. Honored as a student in one of the oldest University in Europe with over seven hundred years of history and fortunate as participating in a unique educational process, which combines high educational standards of excellence with supreme learning opportunities, environment and academic diversity. The Faculty of Pharmacy has offered me a fulfilling learning environment of high academic level and standards. At the same time, I had the opportunity to share diverse experiences with students from various countries and cultures thus expanding my educational as well my personal development boundaries. The roots of education at Faculty of Pharmacy are bitter, but the fruits are sweet as the great Greek philosopher Aristotle said. My educational voyage at Faculty of Pharmacy was long, full of adventure and discovery. Most importantly, it gave me the opportunity to develop as scientist and person for my future professional and personal explorations.

PhotoStudying pharmacy is a blessing in disguise, in the sense that the tough journey will eventually lead you to a beautiful destination. I am very grateful for being part of this esteemed university, let alone the Faculty of Pharmacy itself. The Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy is located in the beautiful city of Hradec Kralove with its beautiful cultural diversity and landmarks among other things. Being a pharmacy student at our faculty is not easy. Despite that, you will come across a very warm, welcoming, supportive, accommodating and loving environment, both in and out of the faculty, which makes our studying here and being away from home much more bearable. Our professors do their best to make sure that we have all the materials we need to succeed in our studies at our disposal and are always willing to help as our academic success is their top priority. Benefits of being part of our faculty as a student go beyond the classroom setup as we also acquire skills on interpersonal relations, self-assertiveness, self-confidence, you name it. We also get to learn how to be strong, resilient and to be hard workers. This might as well be preparing us for the post-pharmacy school world. If you are an aspiring pharmacy student and are willing to graduate from one of the best-known universities, this prestigious university might as well top your list.

PhotoI am extremely honored to be part of this prestigious university, Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy. Charles University is being ranked amongst top 1% of world universities and it is one of the oldest university in Europe with the history of more than 700 years. The Faculty of Pharmacy is located in a city called Hradec Kralove, a few miles away from Prague, the jewel of the Czech Republic. I am almost through with my studies and I am beginning to be nostalgic of the experiences that I had in this beautiful and enchanting faculty and city during my studies.


PhotoWhen I was choosing between several European universities which teach Pharmacy in English, Charles University very soon occupied the first place on my list. And there is a reason why. During it's long history my university became famous worldwide. Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove is younger, but fast developing. Besides good education our faculty provides a lot of opportunities for future professionals. If you’re curious and active you will find a broad range of activities. Here I've got a chance to participate in different international programms, such as ERASMUS and EPSA congresses to meet coleagues around the Europe. I’ve also became a member of Academic Senate to see and contribute to the inside work of our faculty.

I’m glad that Charles University takes care about studen’t proffesional experience, which can be practical, scientific, legislative, organisational, communicative, etc. The choice depends on you, but you won’t graduate without at least one of them.

PhotoAfter years of studying at Charles University, I have found it’s not all about theoretical and academical knowledge. Here I met professors who are in high level of proficiency and motivated about their work, who I can learn a lot from them for future. It is the university with plenty of opportunities and perspective of work which can lead to self-dependent ambitious student. Here at the Faculty of Pharmacy, you will have the opportunity to pursue your intellectual curiosity and acquire the habits of mind which will enhance your future experience of studies.


PhotoI was attracted to Charles University by my career goals and the school's reputation. The Master’s Program in Faculty of Pharmacy has offered me a sustainable theoretical and practical knowledge that will enable me succeed as a pharmacist. It is a fantastic learning experience for me because the professors are very passionate about their subjects and they make conscious effort to give us an insight into the professional world by illustrating their courses with examples from their own professional experience. And we the students on the other hand support and learn from each other and try to help each other succeed.

I highly recommend Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy to any aspiring pharmacy student in search of a remarkable academic environment. I encourage you to exploit the training, seminars and all available learning resources and to explore the beautiful city of Hradec Kralove and its rewarding cultural exchange and social life.

PhotoBeing a student of this prestigious university has been a great honour to me. Our faculty, by continually improving their academic levels and standards, shows clear dedication to strive for excellence. Studies here are both enjoyable and beneficial in many aspects, such as meeting students from around the world, the sharing of knowledge and experiences, cultural and ethnical diversity, treatment with equal opportunities, and academic challenges. Beyond my professional orientation, I have broadened my overall knowledge from different perspectives, and the program has helped me to become a better person for future endeavours.

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