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PhotoIt has been truly an honor to be able to study and be a small part of Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove for the last three years. The knowledge and experiences that I have gained over this period are immensely valuable in a sense that it will help me in the future to succeed as a pharmacist in wide variety of fields related to pharmaceutical sciences. And it's all thanks to the faculty, which provides each student with state-of-the-art facilities and very well trained and educated staff who is always ready to help and create an excellent environment for learning. Additionally, I have been able to meet students from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds and form friendships that will last a lifetime Overall, I feel blessed that I have chosen to study at Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University.

PhotoWhat gave me the impetus to embark on a journey to attend a university at the heart of Europe still baffles me, but then I realized that it is the recognition that it has amongst the ranks of premier universities in Europe that could be the reason for my intention. It is not just in Europe that the embers of the university’s reputation radiate to, but also across the globe making it into the top tier in the world university ranking. Most of the tutors are amongst the best in their respective fields hence making it an admirable place to immerse myself into academia. I am also star studded when I landed from the plane, the patches of the landscape captivated my sight alongside the marvelous architectural edice at my disposal. The beautiful gardens and the nice riverine view running across Hradec Kralove serves as an escape to the daily toils from the school. If I could turn back the sands of time, I would love to re-live the experiences that I had here as I have enjoyed every moment of my stay here and I would definitely recommend it for the prospective students. My sincere thanks to all the Faculty members, mentors and everyone in the Charles University family for their support and altruism.

PhotoAt first, the idea of travelling and studying abroad for me wasn’t really taken into consideration because of the ache of being far from my family. But when I read more about Charles University that it ranks in the upper 1.5% of the world’s best universities, about the city Hradec Kralove full of students and all the advantages that it provides, I decided to take the risk and try it. It has been 4 years now, and I still feel everyday like I am in a warm educational entourage surrounded with friends from a variety of countries. Throughout the years I always had the understanding of professors, regarding my exams, the lectures… They have always wanted us to graduate and succeed with the best grades. Indeed, one of the most special aspects about Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy is that it teaches you more than Pharmacy itself, it teaches you the value on how to be an empathetic person with great strength, great achievement, great responsibility and great communication skills which makes you all set up to overcome any obstacles that cross your path in the future.

PhotoWhen I was thinking about my future and the right ways to pick, education seemed to be the best life investment I could ever make. Czech Republic, heart of the old continent, offers Charles University, which is famous for its rich history and high-quality educational programs, thus becoming instantly my choice. Faculty of Pharmacy is placed in Hradec Kralove – a lovely city, small enough to walk it through in an hour, yet big enough to meet students from all over the world and have the chance to embrace their cultures. Pharmacy itself is a fast-evolving branch promising great carrier, high social and financial status, it gives its students a chance not only to become pharmacists but also to break through fields like science or industry. Necessarily to say that studying here is not for people who would like to achieve their titles easily, it requires a lot of effort. Simply it is a good choice for ambitious students with curious minds having needs to grow and bloom with every absorbed information. So far, I am right in half of my studies and I have never regretted becoming student of Charles University.

PhotoBeing a part of the distinguished Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy for the past four and a half years I feel both honored and fortunate. Honored as a student in one of the oldest University in Europe with over seven hundred years of history and fortunate as participating in a unique educational process, which combines high educational standards of excellence with supreme learning opportunities, environment and academic diversity. The Faculty of Pharmacy has offered me a fulfilling learning environment of high academic level and standards. At the same time, I had the opportunity to share diverse experiences with students from various countries and cultures thus expanding my educational as well my personal development boundaries. The roots of education at Faculty of Pharmacy are bitter, but the fruits are sweet as the great Greek philosopher Aristotle said. My educational voyage at Faculty of Pharmacy was long, full of adventure and discovery. Most importantly, it gave me the opportunity to develop as scientist and person for my future professional and personal explorations.

PhotoI am extremely honored to be part of this prestigious university, Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy. Charles University is being ranked amongst top 1% of world universities and it is one of the oldest university in Europe with the history of more than 700 years. The Faculty of Pharmacy is located in a city called Hradec Kralove, a few miles away from Prague, the jewel of the Czech Republic. I am almost through with my studies and I am beginning to be nostalgic of the experiences that I had in this beautiful and enchanting faculty and city during my studies.

PhotoBeing a student of this prestigious university has been a great honour to me. Our faculty, by continually improving their academic levels and standards, shows clear dedication to strive for excellence. Studies here are both enjoyable and beneficial in many aspects, such as meeting students from around the world, the sharing of knowledge and experiences, cultural and ethnical diversity, treatment with equal opportunities, and academic challenges. Beyond my professional orientation, I have broadened my overall knowledge from different perspectives, and the program has helped me to become a better person for future endeavours.

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