Section of Foreign Languages

Education Overview

The Department of Languages provides language training for undergraduate students in the form of seminars and individual consultations. The aim of the language training is to familiarize students with the foreign language terminology of the individual pharmaceutical study programmes and to deepen their knowledge of grammar, especially as regards the peculiarities of professional pharmaceutical and medical style. More...

Overview of other activities

  • In addition to teaching activities, the teachers are also involved in the preparation of study materials (peer-reviewed textbooks and scripts, Moodle, and other electronic materials, etc.).
  • They are involved in examination (e.g., by preparing and/or correcting tests, awarding credit, creating written final tests, oral examinations, preparing tests for entrance examinations, especially placement tests according to the language level of students, etc.)
  • They are involved in the development and modernisation of teaching, in the operation of the department, and they help to ensure the normal organisational and operational matters of the department in the pedagogical field.
  • The Department of Languages is an institutional member of CASAJC and ATECR associations and all lecturers regularly participate in international conferences in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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