Postgraduate (Doctoral) Studies

A four-year course leading to a PhD degree

The graduate of the university course of studies of pharmacy (or of some related fields such as medicine or natural sciences) that has acquired Magister (Mgr.) or Master (MS) degree or its equivalent can apply for admission to the four-year internal or five-year external course of postgraduate doctoral studies. The PhD studies involve scientific work in a selected research project under the supervision of distinguished teachers of the Faculty of Pharmacy. The postgraduate course of studies is concluded by passing examinations in theoretical topics related to the appropriate research project and by writing and defending a Doctoral Dissertation.

The Accreditation Committee of the Government of the Czech Republic approved fields in which it is possible to obtain degree of Doctor (PhD) at the Faculty of Pharmacy, namely

  • Bioanalytical Chemistry
  • Bioorganic Chemistry
  • Clinical and Social Pharmacy
  • Pathobiochemistry and Xenobiochemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Pharmacognosy and Toxicology of Natural Compounds
  • Pharmacology and Toxicology

For information and/or contact for potential supervisor please contact our Study Department.

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