Why to study Pharmacy at Charles University

  • Faculty of Pharmacy is part of the prestigious Charles University, the oldest, largest and abroad most respected university in the Czech Republic.
  • The faculty is the most important center for pharmaceutical research in the Czech Republic and in terms of scientific activity ranks among the top research institutions in our country.
  • Graduating is not easy, but gained degree papers are based on extensive knowledge of high-quality, on which graduates can build in future professional career choices.
  • Pharmacy and its related fields of study offer a choice of meaningful and satisfying, but also rigorously demanding and highly valued careers in the health care professions.

How To Apply

Jaroslav Roh - DeanModern drugs have tremendous potential to cure or at least alleviate most human diseases, but unfortunately also present risk factors in terms of side effects and interactions. Our students learn to fully exploit this potential.

The pharmacist is a professional with a unique combination of professional erudition, knowledge and competence who plays an important role in the health care system. They work not only in the pharmacy, but also at the patient's bedside in the clinical pharmacy.

Faculty of Pharmacy is part of the prestigious Charles University. Graduating is not simple and the undergraduate degree paper is definitely not "for free". This is precisely why I believe that the best of you will choose our faculty for your university studies!

We look forward to seeing you.

Assoc. Prof. PharmDr. Jaroslav Roh, Ph.D.
Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

First-rate studies

Studies at the faculty are interdisciplinary. Most pharmaceutical disciplines arise from Chemistry and Biology. In case those natural sciences are near to your heart, our faculty is worth considering if searching for your life profession. You may study  Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences study programmes.

Nowadays, there are many universities and faculties with a huge variability and often with a very different quality. In many schools it is not difficult to obtain a diploma. Our faculty is not one of them, studies are demanding. Nevertheless, we believe that many young people long for first-rate education and are willing to devote appropriate time and efforts to their studies.

Finally – graduate from the discipline which makes sense by lending a helping hand to human health.  

Excellent Career Opportunities

Our students do not experience problems with finding jobs.

Pharmacist, as a universally erudite expert in field of medical preparations, graduates from complex and difficult studies the essence of which is a useful combination of Chemistry and Biology. The well-balanced combination of disciplines, along with subjects focused on practical skills in the pharmacy and daily needs of patients equips graduates with the professional skills essential for communication with chemists, biologists, physicians, technologists of pharmaceutical companies, and other health professionals. Graduates have a wide range of future professional possibilities. Most of the graduates would find their jobs in pharmacies, yet the number of people who start working in pharmaceutical companies and chemical or biomedical research has been constantly increasing over the past years.

Pharmacy study programme has been designed to match the current state and level of pharmaceutical sciences and needs of European practice as well as to form the basis for doctoral study programme. Study programme has been approximated with study programmes of EU standards within the assignments of European Association of Pharmaceutical Faculties.

Join the research

In the context of turbulent progress of all chemical and biomedical disciplines in the third millennium, our faculty offers unique environment for scientific development and professional capacity building. The training programmes involve a considerable number of students, particularly in postgraduate programmes, with the objective to train experts in various research fields of pharmaceutical disciplines.

Every year, more than one hundred research papers released from our laboratories are published in the most prestigious scientific journals. Furthermore, many significant inventions have been patented by our staff professors.  Having opted to join us students have the opportunity to take part in scientific activities; many have already gained eminent awards in scientific research. You are also welcome to join us!

... and Hradec Králové

Hradec Králové, a city that hosts our Faculty, is beautiful, exquisite, both ancient and modern. You will take an immediate liking to the city situated at the confluence of the rivers Elbe and Eagle for its cleanliness, greenery and serenity.

It also provides a rich range of activities in all areas of human interest, from nature to culture and sport. Hradec Králové regularly appears on top places of the Czech towns “best suited for life”. You will not be alone in Hradec Králové, you will meet many new people, many of whom might become your future friends for life, and you will also discover the beauty of a student life.


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