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Undergraduate studiesPharmacy

A five-year course Pharmacy leading to a Master degree. The concept of the study program corresponds with the contemporary state and standard of pharmaceutical sciences, the needs of the pharmaceutical practice in the European context and it creates a base for the postgraduate studies.


What our students say

PhotoBeing a part of the distinguished Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy for the past four and a half years I feel both honored and fortunate. Honored as a student in one of the oldest University in Europe with over seven hundred years of history and fortunate as participating in a unique educational process, which combines high educational standards of excellence with supreme learning opportunities, environment and academic diversity. The Faculty of Pharmacy has offered me a fulfilling learning environment of high academic level and standards. At the same time, I had the opportunity to share diverse experiences with students from various countries and cultures thus expanding my educational as well my personal development boundaries. The roots of education at Faculty of Pharmacy are bitter, but the fruits are sweet as the great Greek philosopher Aristotle said. My educational voyage at Faculty of Pharmacy was long, full of adventure and discovery. Most importantly, it gave me the opportunity to develop as scientist and person for my future professional and personal explorations.


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