Pharmacy Studies

Master's Studies

A five-year course Pharmacy leading to a Master degree. A two-year follow-up master study program Pharmaceutical Sciences. The concept of the study program corresponds with the contemporary state and standard of pharmaceutical sciences, the needs of the pharmaceutical practice in the European context and it creates a base for the postgraduate studies.
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Postgraduate Studies

A four-year course leading to a PhD degree. The graduate of the university course of studies of pharmacy that has acquired Magister (Mgr.) or Master (MS) degree or its equivalent can apply for admission to the three-year internal or five-year external course of postgraduate doctoral studies.
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Adaptation Course

What our students say

PhotoStudying pharmacy at Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove has made my life special. It`s like a dream come true because it gives me a perfect opportunity to learn what I exactly want to pursue. Charles University is very famous and has long history in Europe. It also offers top educational programs. I believe everything that I learn in this university will take me to great lengths in life. Students from different cultures and backgrounds are treated with respect and encouragement from academic staff. It can be nerve-wracking in your first year, moving away from home and living independently, but things were easier than I thought, no small part of which was my amazing classmates. Charles University ignites a passion for the pharmaceutical industry that never leaves you. This university and faculty has been worth all the hard work. For anyone thinking of applying for Pharmacy at Charles University, I would say go for it!


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