Admission for postgraduate (PhD.) studies

Course leading to a PhD degree

Applications until September 3, 2024

A four-year course leading to a PhD degree
Pharmacists, chemists, biologists, doctors

Pharmacists, chemists, biologists are welcome

The combination of pharmacy, chemistry and bio-medicine will allow you to choose from among what best suits you. Look through our degree programs and dissertation topics.

A Ph.D. degree from Charles University

Charles University

Charles University is one of the best internationally-rated Czech universities. It was founded in 1348. It is seen as a modern, cosmopolitan and prestigious institution.
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Excellent research

Excellent research teams

Working as part of a research team will bring you together with interesting people and enable you to work with cutting-edge technology and equipment. Learn about our research teams.

Be inspired

Be inspired by some of our successful ones

Many of your future colleagues and friends have already achieved success and have won various awards. Meet with…

PharmDr. Andrej Kováčik, Ph.D.

A graduate’s story

“After completing my master’s degree in pharmacy, I joined a work group dealing with the skin barrier at the Department of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry. I definitely don’t regret engaging in research as part of my postgraduate studies. Thanks to that, I have been able to see peek inside the world of science that had already attracted me while I was completing my master’s studies. On the other hand, science and research are relatively demanding. You have to dedicate quite a lot of time and effort to it and remember not to give up if you fail. What do I think is most important about working in research? The fact that you must enjoy science! There’s nothing like the pure joy you experience when the results of an experiment that you have worked on can be published in a journal.

What I view positively is mainly the diversity of methods and scientific approaches that I have learned -- from organic synthesis to biophysical and analytical methods to working with biological materials. The doctoral degree programme gave me the option to present the results of my work both at domestic and international conferences and participate in fellowships abroad. I was able to learn how research is financed and how to file grant applications, while as a lecturer I was engaged in teaching master’s students and I organized different events to promote both the faculty itself and science in general. I want to stay engaged in research and completing a doctoral degree programme is a good starting point to do just that.”

PharmDr. Andrej Kováčik, Ph.D.


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Travelling and learning

Travelling and learning

Engage in international collaboration, visit centres abroad, and get to know interesting places and people. Be inspired.


Scholarships for all full-time students

During the first year, full-time students are awarded with a standard scholarship of CZK 17,000 per month. Additionally, there are multiple other ways in which you can increase the scholarship award.

A great starting point for your future

A great starting point for your future

With our Ph.D. degree, you will have no problem finding a job. A Ph.D. is also the beginning of a university professor’s career.

A pleasant place for life

A pleasant place for life

The city of Hradec Králové will win you over with its clean environment, green spaces and peace and quiet. It also provides a wide range of leisure time activities.

Charles University is the right choice!

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