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The Faculty of Pharmacy appreciates research conducted by its postgraduate students and guarantees an average net income of CZK 17,000 per month

The Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University in Hradec Králové, has increased the average net income for doctoral degree programme students to CZK 17,000 per month. By increasing income, the faculty wants to motivate successful graduates from pharmaceutical, natural science and medical branches to continue their studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Charles University and to deepen their theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Doctoral degree programmes represent the highest level of education both in the Czech Republic and in the entire EU and across the USA. It is provided on an individual basis and involves mainly independent research work under experience supervisors from among associate professors and professors. The Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University, provides nine doctoral degree programmes that reflect the entire process of pharmaceutical drugs development and research from their design and synthesis or the isolation of natural material to analytical evaluation, interaction with transport and biotransformation enzymes to their efficiency, forms of administration and, eventually, their use in practice.

“Research work conducted by post-graduate students is invaluable for the faculty, the university and society. The results of their studies bring new procedures, knowledge and unique discoveries in pharmacy that are further used in the research and development of new medication, the form of their administration and proper and rational use by patients. I am happy to see that our faculty have found resources to increase the basic scholarship for doctoral degree programmes. Moreover, besides a guaranteed scholarship, the faculty offers other options to increase a postgraduate student´s income,” says the Vice-Dean for Research, Doctoral Degree Programmes and Technology Transfer Prof. František Štaud.

Bonuses mentioned by Vice-Dean Štaud include an increase in the scholarship by CZK 2,000 a month after passing a state doctoral exam any by CZK 500 a month after completing each research fellowship abroad, which is also part of the four-year doctoral degree programme. Moreover, students are entitled to extraordinary scholarships for research publications that may range from several hundreds to thousands Czech crowns depending on the quality of the journal that published their article. The highest amount of this scholarship paid to a student in 2023 for a publication in a prestigious foreign journal was CZK 80,000. Another 4 students were paid a scholarship for publication exceeding CZK 50,000. In total, 90 publications were awarded in this way in 2023, with the average amount paid exceeding CZK 17,000.

The Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University, is proud of their postgraduate students an appreciates their work and efforts and strives to maximize their support so that they can successfully complete their studies. Doctoral programme graduates at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University, can work in research institutions, at universities, in industry and in healthcare, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

“I am happy that most full-time doctoral students join national and international research projects at the faculty soon after they commence their studies, and in addition to a lot of new knowledge, they get access to an income beyond their scholarship allowances. This may also be one of the reasons why the Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové has the highest success rate of their doctoral degree programme students both within Charles University and compared to Masaryk University and Palacky University in Olomouc,” adds Vice-Dean Štaud.

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