Guide to Application for Doctoral Studies

Ph.D. studium - přihláška

1. Choose a Study Program

Browse available doctoral studies (Ph.D.) and choose a study program according to your preferences.
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2. Choose a Research Topic for Your Dissertation

Choose your dissertation topic from the listed themes or propose your own topic. In case of your own proposal, contact a possible future supervisor and consult the possibility of your own topic. Alternatively, you can visit the Science Portal, browse the research groups and select and contact the research group leaders according to their focus.
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3. Submit Application Form

If you have chosen a topic for your doctoral thesis, check the deadline for your application and submit the online application form.

Application Form

4. Prepare Your Documents

Applicants must provide documents to prove that they have completed a Master's degree. Graduates of a foreign university must apply for nostrification of the study in the Czech Republic.
In the first stage, after submitting your application, send scanned copies of your documents (diploma, diploma supplement, CV, optionally letters of recommendation) by email to

5. Wait for Confirmation from the Supervisor

After you have submitted your application form, the respective Department and the Office of Graduate Student & Research Services are notified of your application. You will then be contacted by a responsible supervisor of the program to confirm free capacity and the interest in accepting new students.

6. Take the Entrance Exam

Once the supervisor has confirmed their interest in you, you will receive further information on the admissions process. Entrance examinations will be held at a predetermined date. Once a specific date has been determined, you will be sent an official invitation by email.
The Overview of Admission Requirements (available here) gives you the outline of the content of the entrance examination. After the admission procedure, you will receive a decision on whether you have been admitted to study.

* Students from non-European countries will also receive additional documents to process their Visa.

Third-country nationals must obtain a visa or residence permit. Applicants from selected countries can be included in Student Mode, which helps speed up visa processing.

7. Submit Your Enrolment Sheet

If you have been successfully accepted to the study, you will be emailed an Enrollment Sheet with your personal information. Please check these details carefully, correct them if necessary and send back a signed scan of the Enrolment Sheet by email to

8. Enroll in the Study

You will receive an invitation for the enrollment by email. In case you cannot attend the enrollment due to illness, quarantine or delayed arrival due to Visa processing, please contact the Office of Graduate Student & Research Services, which will arrange a distance enrolment.

9. Contact the Graduate Student & Research Services

Doctoral studies are administratively managed by the Graduate Student & Research Services. If you are unsure about any step of the admissions process, please contact us.
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