What do graduates say about the doctoral degree programs?

PhD. studies
Ghada Bouz, M.Sc., Ph.D.

I have received guidance and support in a very international, professional, and friendly manner

“It is not unusual for one to feel fear and tension while defending their Ph.D. thesis. You are presenting four years' worth of work in front of many people, ones who will question you about details. On the contrary, this was not my case. I was presenting my work to a group of people whom I am proud to call family. I was happy and excited to be there with them and share what we have collectively achieved. Throughout my years of study, I have received guidance and support in a very international, professional, and friendly manner. Carrying out expirements, assisting in teaching, supervising students, attending international conferences, and publishing were simply inexplicable. Completing my higher education study here better shaped me as a researcher, improved my skills, and further promoted my critical thinking. I am ready now for the next chapter, thank you FAF, thank you my mentors, thank you my colleagues.”

Ghada Bouz, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Maria Carmen Catapano M.Sc., Ph.D.

Study here helps you to imagine a better world

“I am so proud for being accepted at this prestigious university. Why to study here? There are a lot of reasons why: because you can start now to become what you want to be, because it provides highest level training and rewards merit, because it is your passport to the world. Our faculty, thanks to its international vocation, is related with the most important universities in the world, in a continuous exchange of students and teachers. An experience studying or working abroad is the best way to understand the world and pay new ways for your future. Study here helps you to imagine a better world and work to contribute to it, projects, initiatives and research facilities for developing new ideas, innovation and knowledge for facing global challenges.”

Maria Carmen Catapano M.Sc., Ph.D.

PharmDr. Barbora Školová, Ph.D.

I met the very best ones in research

“The idea to continue with postgraduate studies at the Department of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry began with my thesis in which I dealt with the synthesis of ceramide analogs and the evaluation of their impact on the skin barrier with the help of permeation experiments. I was fascinated by the wide array of options to examine the skin barrier: from chemical synthesis to biological material to the use of biophysical measurements. During my studies (which involved a six month fellowship in Germany), I became familiar with many methods, some of which I also helped to put into practice in our workplace. Thanks to my supervisor (Prof. Kateřina Vávrová) and financial aid from several sources, I learned to present the results of my work at many domestic and foreign conferences. I got to know not only interesting places, but more importantly, I was able to meet the leaders of skin barrier research. I have also received several awards for my work and I can say that for me, doctoral studies brought a lot of valuable experience and enriched my life, both professionally and personally.”

PharmDr. Barbora Školová, Ph.D., Josef Hlavka Award winner

PharmDr. Andrej Kováčik, Ph.D.

First of all, you must enjoy science and research!

“After completing my master’s degree in pharmacy, I joined a work group dealing with the skin barrier at the Department of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry. I definitely don’t regret engaging in research as part of my postgraduate studies. Thanks to that, I have been able to see peek inside the world of science that had already attracted me while I was completing my master’s studies. On the other hand, science and research are relatively demanding. You have to dedicate quite a lot of time and effort to it and remember not to give up if you fail. What do I think is most important about working in research? The fact that you must enjoy science! There’s nothing like the pure joy you experience when the results of an experiment that you have worked on can be published in a journal.

What I view positively is mainly the diversity of methods and scientific approaches that I have learned - from organic synthesis to biophysical and analytical methods to working with biological materials. The doctoral degree program gave me the option to present the results of my work both at domestic and international conferences and participate in fellowships abroad. I was able to learn how research is financed and how to file grant applications, while as a lecturer I was engaged in teaching master’s students and I organized different events to promote both the faculty itself and science in general. I want to stay engaged in research and completing a doctoral degree program is a good starting point to do just that.”

PharmDr. Andrej Kováčik, Ph.D., Josef Hlavka Award winner

Mgr. Zuzana Ptáčková, Ph.D.

Ger ready for adventure and challenges

“The doctoral degree program at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University, was a great life experience for me and has helped me in many respects. During my studies, I was able to explore an attractive and perspective topic: drug distribution (namely antiviral drugs) between the mother and the foetus during pregnancy. Over time, I learned how to properly conduct systematic research work, from the planning of experiments to their interpretation and presentation at conferences, as well as their publishing in renowned professional journals. I truly appreciate the opportunity I had to learn from experts in their fields both here and in the UK, where I was able to take part in a fellowship. I myself was able to see that postgraduate students from our faculty can successfully compete with their colleagues from prestigious centres abroad. It was both a pleasure and an adventure for me to participate in finding a solution to the given issue. Besides professional development, my doctoral studies also meant seeing the core of pharmaceutical science, both at our faculty and elsewhere, and provided an opportunity to get to know a number of great people and make new friends among them.

I would like to wish all applicants good luck with their choice and, more importantly, a lot of enthusiasm and motivation to work. You are the most important factor that determines what your studies will look like, how they will enrich you and how you will be able to take advantage of the many opportunities that are presented to you.”

Mgr. Zuzana Ptáčková, Ph.D., Bolzan Award winner

Mgr. Pavel Ondrejček, Ph.D.

I value it very positively and recommend it

“After completing my master’s degree, just like most of my schoolmates, I spent a lot of time deciding what to do next. There were quite a lot of options, either working in a pharmacy or somewhere else. Finally, my supervisor convinced me to enrol in a postgraduate program at the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology. The beginning was not very easy, but over time, I found out that postgraduate studies open new horizons and jobs options for students. Slowly, I started to teach and, more importantly, conduct research on behalf of the department. I learned to present the results of my work in presentations and posters at conferences organized both at home and abroad. I visited several businesses and production plants dealing with the development and manufacturing of medicinal products. But what’s most important, I met many new colleagues, experts and great people. I value my studies very positively and I can strongly recommend this program to anyone who might be interested.“

Mgr. Pavel Ondrejček, Ph.D.

Mgr. Daniela Číhalová, Ph.D.

A doctoral degree from Charles University opens doors for you

“I chose a doctoral degree program at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University, not only because I did my master’s here in pharmacy, but also because in terms of science and research, our faculty is on a high level and a doctoral degree from Charles University opens doors to a career in science. During my studies, I was able to gain a lot of practical experience with designing and conducting experiments, I prepared a grant application and subsequently, I was in charge of funding for the actual research. I was taught to work independently, not only in my own experimental work, but also in terms of assessing results and writing articles to be published in international journals with an impact factor. I presented my results in posters and gave lectures at many domestic and foreign conferences. Over the four years of my studies, I had the opportunity to travel for a six-month fellowship to the Netherlands, where I was able to further develop my skills and learn what doctoral programs look like abroad, which further broadened my horizons. I would recommend what I experienced to everyone.

I certainly do not regret my decision to spend another four years (and several months) at the faculty. I prolonged my student life, learned what science and research funding involves at a faculty in a university in the Czech Republic and enriched my personal development to the maximum extent. Therefore, don’t hesitate, find a good supervisor and put everything you have into it - it is worth it!”

PharmDr. Daniela Číhalová, Ph.D.

Mgr. Michal Říha, Ph.D.

I have grown both professionally and personally

“The doctoral degree program in pharmacology and toxicology was a great benefit for me and I can sincerely recommend it to those who want to specialize and work in their area of expertise. Over the four years of my studies, I was able to dig deeply into chelating agents and the cardiovascular system. I participated in research projects and taught students, I presented the results of my work in specialized journals and at conferences. I got to know the academic sphere, met new colleagues and visited interesting places (such as Rome, Avignon, Paris). I have grown both professionally and personally Moreover, I would like to point out that it opened a wide range of options for me for my future, including an academic career.”

Mgr. Michal Říha, Ph.D., Josefa Hlavka Award winner

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