Study program: Pharmacy

The course of study of the study program Pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy takes 5 years at present. The study program makes it possible for the undergraduates to specialize adequately according to their interests by choosing from recommended and optional subjects besides the compulsory disciplines. The concept of the study program corresponds with the contemporary state and standard of pharmaceutical sciences, the needs of the pharmaceutical practice in the European context and it creates a base for the postgraduate studies. Foreign students can study either in Czech or in English.

The study program complies with the EU directive 2005/36/EC on the higher education of pharmacists and the graduate is qualified to pursue pharmacist´s activities listed in this directive.

What our students say

Being a student of this prestigious university has been a great honour to me. Our faculty, by continually improving their academic levels and standards, shows clear dedication to strive for excellence. Studies here are both enjoyable and beneficial in many aspects, such as meeting students from around the world, the sharing of knowledge and experiences, cultural and ethnical diversity, treatment with equal opportunities, and academic challenges. Beyond my professional orientation, I have broadened my overall knowledge from different perspectives, and the program has helped me to become a better person for future endeavours.


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