Study program: Pharmacy

Pharmacy study program

The course of study of the study program Pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy takes 5 years at present. The study program makes it possible for the undergraduates to specialize adequately according to their interests by choosing from recommended and optional subjects besides the compulsory disciplines. The concept of the study program corresponds with the contemporary state and standard of pharmaceutical sciences, the needs of the pharmaceutical practice in the European context and it creates a base for the postgraduate studies. Foreign students can study either in Czech or in English.

How to Apply

The study program complies with the EU directive 2005/36/EC on the higher education of pharmacists and the graduate is qualified to pursue pharmacist´s activities listed in this directive.

What our students say

It has been truly an honor to be able to study and be a small part of Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove for the last three years. The knowledge and experiences that I have gained over this period are immensely valuable in a sense that it will help me in the future to succeed as a pharmacist in wide variety of fields related to pharmaceutical sciences. And it's all thanks to the faculty, which provides each student with state-of-the-art facilities and very well trained and educated staff who is always ready to help and create an excellent environment for learning. Additionally, I have been able to meet students from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds and form friendships that will last a lifetime Overall, I feel blessed that I have chosen to study at Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University.


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