Pharmaceutical Sciences - Master study program

Pharmaceutical Sciences program in English

Pharmaceutical Sciences program at our University

  • A two-year follow-up master study program in Pharmaceutical Sciences taught in English
  • Diploma thesis and Final State Exam leading to Master’s degree (Mgr. fully equivalent to MSc.) and optional Doctor of Natural Sciences, RNDr. (Dr.Sc.)
  • Specialization in two academic fields including Drug Discovery and Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Focus on the practical approach – ½ of the study program is based on practical classes and practical laboratory trainings – direct contact with research programs
  • Support of personal approach to students
  • Possibility to join excellent research teams at our Faculty during your Diploma thesis

Become Drug Development Expert. Study in Europe!

Do you want to be decision maker in Drug Development, Drug Regulations and Drug Analysis? Come and study Pharmaceutical Sciences at Charles University, the best ranked university in the Czech Republic, Europe. Let yourself being taught and prepared for your career by the experts in the field of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Graduate of the Pharmaceutical Sciences study program is a qualified specialist in various fields of Pharmacy. They acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the field of drugs and pharmaceuticals, drug discovery and development and pharmaceutical analysis. They have a deep knowledge of metabolism, mechanisms of drug effects, drug use rules, toxic effects, and evaluation of drug-related scientific data.

Graduates will be ready to work in pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies in the areas of drug discovery, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and metabolism. They can continue as PhD student involved in Research and Development of Drugs at universities around the world. They will be able to work in labs focusing on pharmaceutical analysis, drug evaluation and pharmaceutical quality. They can be a part of healthcare system (Food and Drug Administration, and national laboratories such as National Institutes of Health) focusing on drug safety and law.

How to apply for study

Student must fill in the online application form for admission in the academic year 2024/2025
until April 30, 2024. Admission Requirements and Entrance exams

Application form


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Tuition fees

Graduate studies (a two-year follow-up study program leading to a Master’s degree) in Pharmaceutical Sciences

The tuition fee for the undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy amounts to 7900 EUR per year for students wishing to be taught in English. This is a net fee, which does not include the subsistence and costs of living, but it covers optional courses of the Czech language for those who want to learn basic Czech for everyday use.

Important note

The student should assume that during one year of study the total expenditure excluding tuition fees will be approximately 3500 EUR. This sum includes the cost of moderate accommodation, inland travel, general living expenses and books.

Accommodation at the University Halls of Residence in Hradec Králové is optional; it costs 150 EUR per bed per month. For additional 120 EUR per month a full board (3 meals a day) is provided there.

The Faculty of Pharmacy is ready to mediate some services, such as tickets for municipal transport (about 10 EUR for a month or 20 EUR for 3 months). A limited number of textbooks will be available for studying in the Reading Room of the Library of the Faculty (opening hours: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.).

Survey of Tuition Fees

Type of study Tuition fee
per year
Lodging EUR
per bed/month
Board EUR
per month
2-Year follow-up study program
Pharmaceutical Sciences
7900 EUR 150 EUR 120 EUR


The student is strongly advised to take out medical insurance policy, obtained in the Czech Republic or elsewhere, providing health insurance throughout the course of study.


Charles University is the right choice!

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