Rector’s day 2022


In honor of Rector’s day, the CzPSA International division organized a very exciting football tournament "Students vs professors” at TJ Slavia in Hradec Králové.


The student teams included FAF, LFHK as well as our very own MEDFAF KINGS team.

The first excitements started with the FAF students vs FAF professors playing against each other, where professors were able to score 4-2 and win. We hope the students do better in exams than in these games.

ISU LFHK students played against MEDFAF KINGS and scored 1-1 but ISU eventually won in penalties. In the race for third place, MEDFAF KINGS scored 5-2 against FAF students.

Among three great teams of students FAF UK HK, MEDFAF KINGS HK, and ISU LFHK, and the amazing team of FAF PROFESSORS, the ISU LFHK team won the tournament in the final game against the FAF PROFESSORS team.


  • Professor Přemysl Mladěnka won the MVP 2022 AWARD
  • Karam Abu Saleh was awarded as the BEST GOALIE 2022

CzPSA International thanks to the professors, students, and audience for the amazing atmosphere at this event and we look forward to meeting you at our other events.

Text and photo: Nida Čavdarbasha and Dina Manna, students of the study program Pharmacy in English

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