Dean’s Bulletin – April 2022


Dear colleagues, dear students,

Jaroslav RohWe have had another month full of disappointing news coming out of Ukraine. Things that we could hardly imagine a few months ago and did not consider possible in the 21st century are, unfortunately, a harsh reality today. As I announced last month, our faculty is not remaining idle. We actively offer Ukrainian students of pharmacy the opportunity to continue their studies at our faculty, we offer intensive Czech language courses in cooperation with other parts of the University and, of course, much needed financial assistance. I am very happy that we are already registering the first serious applicants. At the same time, we offer research internships for PhD students who can be later transferred to standard study in English or Czech language after the admission procedure.

Despite all external complications, the intensive and often very complex preparation of the construction of our new Mephared 2 campus continues. We were very happy to receive the final building permit for all parts of the building. We were therefore able to pick up a very simple, but well-deserved "CONSTRUCTION PERMITTED" sign at the Hradec Králové City Hall. Now we are finalizing the extensive tender documentation for the construction contractor and the draft contract for the work.


I am very pleased that we submitted 28 projects to the Czech Science Foundation in early April. This is truly an amazing and, I would say, record number, with more than 1 grant application per research group! A big thank you to all the proposers; let's keep our fingers crossed. I must also mention the great success of and give congratulations to Dr. Veronika Bernhauerová, whose commentary was published in the prestigious top-ranked journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Thanks also to all the students who attended the meeting to promote the faculty and showed their willingness to help us in this important area. As mentioned by many high school principals at our joint meeting on April 26, it is the visits of alumni coupled with the presentation of their university studies that are a very good way to present the faculty and a perfect tool to inform high school students not only about their studies at our faculty, but also to present Pharmacy and Laboratory Diagnostics in general as very prestigious fields. If you would be willing to help us in promoting our faculty, please feel free to contact us via this form.

Finally, I would like to congratulate again all the participants of this year's Student Scientific Conference. Not only the faculty members, but especially the external committee members agreed on the high standard of all the presentations. I wish the winners and runners-up in the individual sections every success at the International Student Scientific Conference, which will take place on 5 May in Zentiva company. It would be great if we could celebrate further achievements the very next day at the 50th Annual Ball of our Faculty of Pharmacy!

Assoc. Prof. PharmDr. Jaroslav Roh, Ph.D.
Dean of the Faculty

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