Rules for crossing the state border starting on August 23, 2021


The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic issued a new protective measure to limit the crossing of the state border of the Czech Republic with effect from 23.08.2021. In contrast to previous measures, it frees, among other things, the travel of persons from non-epidemiologically safe third countries if the person is fully vaccinated with an EMA or WHO approved vaccine and the authenticity, validity and integrity of the submitted certificate can be verified.

In view of the effectiveness of full vaccination, anti-epidemic measures should be relaxed for holders of a certificate of completed vaccination (regardless of nationality) which has been carried out in a third country, provided that it has been carried out with a vaccine corresponding to a vaccine that has been authorized. for the purpose of vaccination against COVID-19- specifically, these are vaccines whose name or manufacturer occupies the following: Pfizer; BioNTech; COMIRNATY; Modern; SPIKEVAX; Janssen; Johnson & Johnson; AstraZeneca; VAXZEVRIA or Covishield. The list of eligible certificates is published on the website of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and publication is a condition for recognition of the certificate. For persons who hold such valid ID cards, the possibility opens to travel to the Czech Republic for any reason, and the full visa agenda at the relevant embassies of the Czech Republic is also renewed for them. This does not apply in countries with an extreme risk of infection, where the visa agenda for these persons remains limited to specified titles.

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