Extraordinary measures of the Ministry of Health with effect from October 22nd 2020


The government has announced additional measures that should limit contacts between people and help to stop the virus from spreading. The measures become effective tomorrow, October 22 at 6 am and will last until November, 3 when their effects will be reassessed.

Limited free movement of persons

The free movement of persons in the country will be limited. Maximum 2 persons at a time can be together in public (exception granted to families). You are allowed to leave your home only in the following cases:

  • Medical appointments 
  • Essential shopping (groceries, pharmacy, etc.)
  • Reaching your family members
  • Travels to leave the country
  • Travels to nature (including parks)
  • Attending funerals
  • Returning home

Non-essential goods and services

All stores selling non-essential items and providers of non-essential services have to close their facilities. 

Stores & services that will remain open:

  • Food & groceries
  • Pharmacies, medical equipment and opticians
  • Hygiene and cosmetic products
  • Flower shops, stores selling home improvement and household goods
  • Gas stations
  • Stores selling goods for construction works, agriculture etc.
  • Petshops
  • IT & Electronics

Other previously announced measures remain valid, including the requirement of wearing face masks in outdoor public areas valid from today.

More information: Website of the Ministry of Health

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