Pharmaceutical chemistry

Code P5206 Pharmacy / Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • Form of study: full time/ combined
  • Form of entrance exam: oral
  • Number of accepted students: 2/1

Content of the entrance examination

The knowledge of chemistry, biological activities of natural products, theory of pharmaceutical chemistry. Knowledge of English (C1 at least).

Additional conditions for the bonus (practice)

Completed university studies in pharmacy, chemistry. Diploma thesis similar with respect to the preposed Ph.D. studies of the candidate.

Criteria for the evaluation examination

  1. Professional knowledge level – reviewed on answers to questions stated in General content of entrance exam
  2. Submitted doctoral project – complexity of project, modern methodical access to solution and project continuation of actually solved topics in in appropriate field of study are evaluated

Conditions for admission

  1. Application form must be submitted to the stated term incl. all enclosures
  2. Finishing of required former studies
  3. Successfully passed entrance exam

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