4. General Practical Information

4.1. Before leaving for Czech Republic

Applying for a visa Please contact the relevant Czech Embassy in your home country. Theoretically you can apply at any Czech Consulate but there are limitations. The application forms are available only at the Consulates and cannot be copied. You have to visit the Consulate and complete the form there with the help of their personnel. There are two types of student visa, one up to 90 days, the other for a stay over 90 days.More details you can find on web pages: http://www.cuni.cz/erasmus/.

4.2. Health insurance

Health insurance is compulsory for all Charles University students. The incoming ERASMUS students are asked to make all necessary arrangements in their home country.

4.3. Getting to Hradec Králové

In most cases you will get to Hradec Králové via Prague.

Air transport

The international airport Praha-Ruzyně is situated about 20 km from the city centre. To get to the Main Railway Station or to the Florenc Bus Terminal one can use bus No. 119 that stops in front of the airport building; this bus will take you to the underground terminal of the line A (stop Dejvická) which is interconnected with the other underground lines B and C. Taxi cabs from the airport can be rather expensive!


International trains (EC, IC) arrive at two railway stations in Prague:

a. The Main Railway Station is situated in the centre of Prague (it is also one of the stops of the underground line "C“); there are several direct trains departing for Hradec Králové every day from this railway station.

b. Holešovice Railway Station (linked with the Main Railway Station by the underground line "C“).

Buses and automobile transport
There are numerous buses linking Prague with Hradec Králové. Most of them depart from Florenc Bus Terminal (underground line C or B) each 30 to 60 minutes. The journey takes less than 2 hours.
If driving a car take the route D11 from Prague to Hradec Králové (approx. 90 min). Note that the speed limits are 50 km/h in urban areas, 130 km/h on a highway and 90 km/h elsewhere. Once in Hradec Kralove, follow the signs to Brno and turn left at the first crossing with traffic lights after crossing the bridge over the Labe river; then turn right after 20 meters and continue 150 meters to reach the Faculty of Pharmacy (map).

4.4. Getting around in Hradec Králové

The buses from Prague stop at the Bus Terminal near Main Railway Station (hlavní nádraží). To get to the Faculty of Pharmacy take the trolley-bus No. 1 or bus No. 9 departing from the Terminal and disembark next stop (Heyrovského, close to the petrol station) after the Hospital. The Students’ Halls of Residence „Na Kotli“ can be reached by trolley-buses No. 1 and 2 or bus No. 28 departing from the Terminal; disembark at the stop „Hotel Garni“. A single ticket costs 14,- CZK (0.5 €); the passengers must use two tickets if transporting a bigger luggage (such as a suitcase).

4.5. Accommodation

Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové is responsible for providing a room in the Students Halls of Residence for students accepted under the ERASMUS exchange scheme. The Halls (Na Kotli 1147, 502 96 Hradec Králové) are situated about 500m east of the Faculty of Pharmacy. The double rooms are equipped with all necessary furniture including beds, desks and chairs; pillow, blanket and bed linen are included. Bathrooms (separate for males and females) and kitchens are shared with other students living on the same floor. The price of the accommodation is 5.000 CZK per bed per month. An optional full board (approx. 5.000 CZK per month) is provided in Students’ Dining Hall.

4.6. Cost of living

It is estimated that a single student will need approximately 9.000,- CZK (Czech crowns) (350€ ) per month of living expenses. This sum includes the cost of accommodation, inland travel, general living expenses, and books.

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