A. To accept the students via the Student Mobility for Study for the elaboration of their theses or via the Student Mobility for Traineeship for practical placements in laboratories.

We admit that this is the way which we strongly prefer. We have already a well-established network of researchers who accept Erasmus students. We have a variety of topics covering all the scope of the study at the Faculty of Pharmacy ( The students usually come for couple of months up to a year and come regularly every day to the laboratory where they work on their research projects under the leadership of their supervisor.

This procedure is very easy and straightforward. Students elaborate their project and if needed, they can get credits. The maximum number of credits can be 36: 

Diploma Thesis I (GAF 163) - 10 credits
Diploma Thesis II (GAF 206) - 22 credits
Research Project I (GAF 333) - 2 credits
Research Project II (GAF 328) - 6 credits

B. To accept the students via the Student Mobility for Study for regular study of various subjects.

Unfortunately, we have to admit that this is substantially more difficult and less preferred. If you still consider the study (with passing exams) at our Faculty, please read very carefully the following rules:

  1. Your home University (or your home Faculty) and our Faculty of Pharmacy have clearly different study plans (with different taught subjects), so logically you cannot fully substitute one year or one semester at our University for one year/semester at your home University. This might result in a prolongation of your study! You should consider this issue in general if you wish to employ ERASMUS+ program for your study at any University.
  2. Is your knowledge of English sufficient for understanding the taught subjects, discussions with teachers and finally for passing exams? The level B2 is required! We will strictly demand a certificate to prove your knowledge of English language. The certificate must be provided at least by the department of languages at your home University.
  3. The Study program of Pharmacy is taught principally in Czech at our University since we are a Public Czech University. We offer also an English version of the Study program of Pharmacy (Study program Pharmacy - Recommended study plan for the academic year 2023/2024), which is logically not funded from the budget of the Czech Republic but is paid for by the international student in the form of tuition fees. We allow 1 or 2 semester(s) study free of charge to ERASMUS students under following conditions that you need to take in account when preparing your LEARNING AGREEMENT:
    1. Based on the above mentioned information, any changes of the official timetable are impossible (e.g. we cannot adjust lectures, seminars, etc. according to your personal wish simply because we have other duties, e.g. to teach the same subjects in Czech)
    2. You have to select compulsory subjects and only optional/elective subjects which are always open for ERASMUS studentssee details. When there are special recommendations /requirements (prerequisitives) and/or capacity limit, you should firstly obtain the approval of the responsible person mentioned in the list.
    3. It is not possible to take up subjects from many sections (years) of the study simply because there is a probability of conflicts in the timetable of different study sections. We recommend to take up the majority of subjects from one section (year) of the study + one subject with obligatory seminars/practical classes from another section (year) of the study. There is no limit for subjects which only have lessons (they do not have obligatory seminars/practical classes).
    4. Subjects may have prerequisites. Typically, some subjects are composed from part No. I and part No. II. It is not possible to take subject No. II without previously having passed credit or exam from the subject No. I at our or your university (a signed confirmation of subject graduation will be needed). Since the studying plans may differ substantially, these cases have to be always discussed with a professor responsible for the subject (you can contact Mrs. Hana Krieglerova, MSc. for a help with this issue). The last but not least, you must bear in mind that the final exam may include knowledge of both parts, No. I and No. II. of that subject.
    5. The requirements for the exams (in particular the knowledge) are the same for regular international students of the Faculty and for ERASMUS students. In other words, if students do not demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the studied subject, they cannot pass the exam and get the credit. At our Faculty, students must pass exams within a maximum of three attempts for each exam (see CODE OF STUDY AND EXAMINATION OF CHARLES UNIVERSITY – page 11, points 14-17, available at
  4. Before completing your learning agreement and before its submission for signature, please, consult it with Mrs. Hana Krieglerova, MSc. to make sure that your subjects are selected correctly and comply all the rules of your study plan at our university. If you will send us a learning agreement which does not comply with our above mentioned rules, we will not sign it and you will need to modify it. For this reason, we strongly recommend to consult it with us before you will submit it.

If you consider possibility B and you are willing to meet all criteria mentioned above, we would be pleased to accept you.

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