Affiliated Symposiums | Terms of registration

Sympozia přidružená k Evropskému kongresu klinické farmacie

Terms and conditions of registration

If you are interested in attending the ESCP Affiliated Symposia, please register by clicking on the Event Registration link.

Due to the limited capacity of the hall (max 100 participants), it is necessary to register in advance on this website at least one day before the event. Payments can only be made by wire transfer. If payment is made the day before the event and afterwards, proof (copy) of payment of the registration fee will be required at the registration desk in front of the Symposium hall (it cannot be guaranteed that the payment is already recorded in the system of the Economic Department).


The registration fee is 630 CZK (or 25 EUR) per 1 affiliated afternoon Symposium and includes the fee for the technical programme and refreshments during one event. In case of participation in multiple afternoon affiliated Symposia, the registration fee corresponds to the price mulitpled by number of Symposia selected.

Please send payments of the registration fee to the following account after completing the registration form:

  • IBAN number: CZ75 0300 0000 0002 9720 2761
    Currency of account: EUR
    Swift: CEKOCZP

  • In the payment message to the recipient, fill in the name and surname of the participant in the event as mandatory information.


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