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Lokalizace a funkce transportéru organických kationtů 3 (OCT 3) v potkaní placentě

The placenta is an organ that mediates the transfer of nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the fetus and transfer of waste products and carbon dioxide back from the fetus to mother. The expression of a multitude of transport proteins in the placental syncytiotrophoblast with differential localization in the maternal-facing brush border membrane versus the fetal-facing basal membrane is made possible the transport function of placenta. Understanding the role of transporters in placental handling of xenobiotics across the maternal-fetal interface is essential to evaluate the pharmacological and toxicological potential of therapeutic agents, drugs of abuse, and other xenobiotics to which the mother is exposed during pregnancy. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to assess the role of organic cation transporter 3 (OCT3) in the rat placenta using substrates and inhibitors such as 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium (MPP+). OCT3 is expressed abundantly in the placenta and is likely to play a critical role in the placental handling of cationic xenobiotics. Data from recent studies have not fully elucidate the exact function of the OCT3 in the placenta; however they indicate that OCT3 may be responsible for the first step in the placental clearance of cationic xenobiotics from the fetus.

Číslo: GAUK137010

Období: 01.01.2010 - 31.12.2012

Poskytovatel: Univerzita Karlova - Grantová agentura UK

Hlavní řešitel: Ahmadimoghaddam Davoud Mgr., Ph.D. - Farmaceutická fakulta v Hradci Králové

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Interní řešitelé

Hlavní řešitel: Mgr. Davoud Ahmadimoghaddam, Ph.D. - Farmaceutická fakulta v Hradci Králové, FaF HK
Spoluřešitel: doc. RNDr. Jakub Hofman, Ph.D. - Farmaceutická fakulta v Hradci Králové, FaF HK
Spoluřešitel: doc. PharmDr. Martina Čečková, Ph.D. - Katedra farmakologie a toxikologie, FaF HK
Školitel: prof. PharmDr. František Štaud, Ph.D. - Katedra farmakologie a toxikologie, FaF HK

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