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Automated methodologies for analytes of biological and pharmaceutical interest based on luminiscence detection

Detection of fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection belong to the most sensitive techniques that can be used for analyte detection and quantification. However, the use of these detection techniques has been studied only scarcely in combination with modern automation techniques Lab-On-Valve and Lab-In-Syringe. The aim of the thesis is to develop and optimize applications using the combination of luminescent detection techniques with these techniques for the detection of analytes of environmental as well as pharmaceutical interest. Among these applications, the developed analyzers should be used to study the interaction of pharmaceutical compounds with living cells.

Supervisor: doc. PharmDr. Hana Sklenářová, Ph.D.

Keywords: Fluorescenční detekce, chemiluminiscence, průtokové techniky, monitorovaní, 3D tisk

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