Six-Month Traineeship In The Pharmacy

The main goal of this subject which is closely related to subject Pharmacy Practice in 4th section of study, is to close by students links between theoretical knowledge from the faculty and practical activities in reality, give and improve them necessary skills for their professional life.

This practice is full in accordance with Council Directive 85/432/EEC and 85/433/EEC. Students, during the 6months practice performed in pharmacies in the Czech Republic and abroad, should be in depth acknowledged with a pharmacy and carry out all common activities there on a level of a pharmacy technician and especially on a level of a graduated pharmacists (magister).


Students have to work under the professional guidance in the areas of galenics, drug supply and storage and drug control (raw materials and manufactured products). They should also obtain the basic idea on dispensation activities of pharmacy technicians (dispensation related to health-care facilities and of non-prescription drugs to public), they should carry out the majority of activities on a level of a graduated pharmacists (magister), especially the dispensation ones. They should receive high quality knowledge on a pharmacy practice related matters and assort the knowledge received during the study.Students have compulsory activities and further recommended activities and topics (many of these activities are realized only in hospital pharmacies, they help to increase the students´ reach. However, their wide spread in more pharmacies in the future is very probable), Good pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical care


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