Veterinary Drugs

Lectures in discipline generally covers legislative formulation of drug in direction to drugs used in animals. Veterinary Drugs as discipline follows human Pharmacology; the aim is to find, formulate and introduce to students general and special conditions practicioned in pharmacological prevetion or therapy in veterinary medicine. Teaching priorities are drugs and pharmacodynamic groups of drugs specific for veterinary medicine, in drugs used both in human and veterinary medicines attention is directed to aspects of their veterinary use.



General features of veterinary pharmacy and pharmacology

  • Veterinary dosage forms
  • Routes of veterinary drugs administration
  • Economic aspects of veterinary drug usage
  • Health-hygienic aspects of veterinary drugs usage
  • Biological data on the important animal species

Special veterinary pharmacy and pharmacology

  • Drugs of microbial, fungal, and protozoal infections
  • Drugs of parasitics infections
  • Drugs of gastro-intestinall system disorders
  • Drugs affecting the nervous system
  • Drugs of endocrine system
  • Drugs of reproductive system
  • Drugs of mastitis
  • Drugs of body fluids disbalance
  • Drugs in nutrition
  • Growth promoters
  • Parasitic disorders and their therapy in pets
  • Veterinary homeopatic therapy


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