Technology of Homoeopathic Preparations

The optional subject in the 4th section of study of Pharmacy.

The subject aims to provide basic information on principles and manufacturing of homeopathic preparations and marginally also about the use of the preparations available in pharmacies for the treatment of diseases which do not need medical attention.

The subject is concluded by passing the exam.


  • History of homeopathy

  • Definition of homeopathy

  • Basic homeopathic rules

  • Remedy choice and dosage

  • Materia medica

  • Capabilities and limitations of homeopathy

  • Treatment of common diseases

  • Substances for manufacturing of homeopathic preparations

  • Homeopathic remedy

  • Basic homeopathic remedies

  • Potentiation

  • Application forms

  • Preparation of homeopathic remedy

  • Stability

  • Research in homeopathy

  • Registration of homeopathic remedies

  • Treatment of common diseases


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