Industrial Production of Pharmaceutical Preparations I

The elective subject in the 4th section of study of Pharmacy, winter term

This subject is directly related to the students who would like to enlarge knowledge in Pharmaceutical Technology, particularly in manufacturing technologies used in the production of pharmaceutical preparation in the pharmaceutical industry. However, the information about the quality control (QC) as well as the quality analysis (QA) are included.

Theoretical lectures and seminars are carried out due to the practical experience in industry (TEVA Czech Industries s.r.o in Opava-Komárov) which deals with manufacturing of oral tablets, hard and soft capsules, liquid preparations, and sprays. The teachers comes from Teva.

Capacity limit 6 persons.


In the winter semester, theoretical lectures 2x2 hours (Development and registration of pharmaceutical products, Quality assessment of pharmaceutical production) and two-days training (combination of theoretical and practical training in Teva Czech Industries at department of gelaine capsules anf liquid dosage forms). Actual dates according to schedule (SIS).

The teachers come from Teva.

Teva Czech Industries takes care and pays for accomodation in Opava (2 nights with breakfast), travel expenses from Opava to Teva (public transport, approx. 10 min), and board in Teva (lunch).

The subject is concluded by passing the exam.


The students can follow the actual study texts at: in folder Industrial production of pharmaceutical products I

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