Pharmacy Practice I

The main purprose of this subject which is closely related to the Social Pharmacy and Pharmacy Care, is approach to the students theory and reality of pharmacy practice in the Czech Rebublic and abroad, and give them good knowledge and orientation in problems in field of pharmacy practice in full its latitude.

In the frames of this subject by means of workshops the students get to know more closely the structure and functioning of the pharmacy and they exercise selected activities, especially dispensing to the patients, pharmacotherapeutic consultations, manipulation with a medical prescription, professional information, law regulations and both professional and economic administration. In the 5th section of study continues immediately practical training in accredited pharmacies.


Pharmacy practice, pharmacy, activities in pharmacy, pharmaceutical care, basic legislation for pharmacies, prescription and non-prescription drugs, dispensing of drugs in pharmacy, preparation of drugs in pharmacy, economics of pharmacy, veterinary pharmacy, hospital pharmacy practice, medical device, safety of work and hygiene in pharmacy, pharmacopoeias and other basic literature in pharmacy, drugs and subsidiary substances; select legislation, habituates drugs, medical prescriptions - basic rules, training, pharmaceutical calculations, operation in pharmacy, professional and economic administration in pharmacy, pricing and reimbursement of drugs, pharmacy abroad.


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