Basics of Health Care

Main emphasis of the subject is to help students dealing with theory to bridge over to the branches that are more connected with health care and service (Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacoinformatics, Pharmaceutical Care, Social and Clinical Pharmacy). At the level of continuation students should fully understand the importance of Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Care and Pharmacy Practice in development of the patient oriented pharmacy. Having finished this optional subject students should be oriented in basic principles of health service system and roles of the main health care professions, understand the functioning of documentation in this field and see possibilities of pharmaceutical care to take part in this system.

Basic health service system overview. Health care provided in health service institutions, types of work in health service careers, their possibilities in cooperation with patients´ needs and demands. Emphasis on interconnection and continuation in health service in order to reach the ultimate objective: to complete full health potential for everybody and support and protect health during all their lives.


  • Health service system in the Czech Republic.
  • Hospital care – management of the patient, health records and documentation.
  • Workers at health service + nursing care.
  • Hospital and community pharmacy practice – examples of pharmaceutical care.
  • Possibilities of self-medication in selected indications: diarrhoea, pain, cough…etc.
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms and basic characteristics of diseases in selected nosologic modules (arterial hypertension, gastrohelcosis, bronchial asthma, diabetes). Their characteristics, diagnostics, symptomatology and position in health care system.
  • Acute stages of diseases – symptomatology, first aid, diagnostics.
  • Preparation and training for clinical pharmacy – its characteristics and barriers of further development, examples of clinical service in pharmacy.


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