Current Trends in the Development of Chemical Drugs

The aim of the subject Trends in the Development of Chemical Drugs is to enable students a better orientation in new, rapidly developing pharmacodynamic groups that due to the time and didactic reasons cannot be sufficiently discussed in the basic course of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Within the subject, the students get also acquainted with basic sources of information and taught how to search for various data and how to interpret them critically. The subject is suitable for the 3rd or 4th year students and for postgraduates. Interested students can prepare a comprehensive review based on a search of literature and submit it as a diploma thesis.


Since the subject is optional, the syllabus is not strictly determined. The introductory lecture always deals with the terms and categories concerning research and development (R&D) of drugs and with the progress in the field. Other themes are selected in view of topical achievements in the drug development and of student´s interest.


1) Bibliografic databases

2) Journals printed (available in the Scientific Information Centre)

  • Drugs of Today
  • Drugs of the Future

3) Journals on-line

4) Other information sources available in the Scientific Information Centre and on-line sources recommended by the teacher.

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