Medicinal Plant Production

The content of the subject stems from the knowledge gained from pharmacognosy. On the examples of several plants shows the components of modern agriculture engineering, agrochemistry, knowledge from plant ecology and phytopathology. Familiarizes students with possibilities and difficulties of cultivation of medicinal plants in bulk production, but also in conditions of patches. The education is divided into lecture part and practical part which takes place in the Botanical Garden of Medicinal Plants of Faculty of Pharmacy.




  • Historical and present use of medicinal plants
  • Medicinal plants according to the length of ontogenesis
  • Pharmaceutical point of view of the medicinal plant production

Natural conditions

  • Importance of atmosphere, climatology – climate factors, climatological regions and subregions
  • Phenology
  • Natural and artificial ecosystem, stability of ecosystem
  • Pedology, soil definition, edaphon
  • Physiochemical quality of soil – soil profile, soil and landscape types, soil-forming processes, soil structure
  • Soil fertilization, soil water, soil air, soil erosion
  • Soil fertility, soil preparation
  • Meteorology, solar radiation, temperature < >Importance of water for plantsPhytopathology of medicinal plants
  • Plants protection – chemical protection, biological protection, integrated protection of plants
  • Quarantine effort
  • Weeds
  • Medicinal plants cultivation, agricultural engineering of individual medicinal plants, crop rotation
  • Organic, bacterial and artificial fertilizers
  • Ecological agriculture < >Main methods of plant improvementSeed preparation from fruits, seed adjustment
  • Soil preparation for sowing to the sowing pots, sowing, ways of sowing of different kinds of seeds
  • Pre-sowing treatment of seedbed, direct sowing of tolerant species on production bed
  • Soil preparation for pre-cultivation of plants, pricking out and transplanting (to the pots and to the hot-beds and greenhouses)
  • Different kinds of vegetative reproduction (hot-beds, greenhouses, open beds)
  • Outplanting (tolerant species) of pre-cultivated plants on open beds
  • Maintaining of permanent plant canopy of medicinal plants


Atal, C.K., Kapur, B.M.: Cultivation and Utilization of Medicinal Plants. Regional Research Laboratory Jammu-Tawi 1989

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