Economics and Management of Pharmaceutical Practice

Pharmaceutical branches are discussed from the point of view of their role in society, possibility of management and ways of regulation. Pharmaceutical industry is divided with regard to the character of drugs – the patent ones (including “me too” drugs), generics and orphan drugs. Associations of pharmaceutical industry and wholesalers and contents of pharmaceutical research including principles of scientific work are discussed as well. Pharmaceutical control is discussed a little broader – not only control of quality of drugs but its activities and conditions of producing, dispensing, administering, prescribing and selling of drugs as well and as a tool of ensuring safety, effectiveness, efficacy and quality of drugs and drug use. Emphasis on registration and ISO norms is put as well. Pharmaceutical education discusses education as a mirror of level of practice and graduates´ profile and it is discussed as well as pre-graduate or after-graduate education.



  • Introduction into the subject.
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Pharmaceutical wholesalers.
  • Pharmaceutical research.
  • Specifications of the health care management.
  • Health care system and its remuneration.
  • Management of the pharmaceutical factory.
  • Principles of the Good Manufacturing Practice.
  • Pharmaceutical control.
  • Management of quality and public relations.
  • Management of changes and the personal management.
  • Team work and decision processes.
  • Basics of rational pharmacotherapy.
  • Pharmaceutical education
  • What is marketing? What are the differences in Europe?
  • Basic principles of marketing. Supportive techniques of marketing.
  • Strategic planning and statement of marketing in particular organizations.
  • Marketing mix.
  • Public relations and marketing.
  • Basics of book – keeping.


  1. (international federation of pharmaceutical manufactures and associations)
  2. (European generics medicine associations)
  3. (world self medication industry)
  4. (union of risk management for preventive medicine)
  7. (The European association of full line wholesalers)

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