The main goal of the subject is to enrich and deepen the knowledge of the essentials of calculus and combine it with some concepts of discrete and numerical mathematics. The teaching is focused on the understanding of mathematical concepts with regard to their application, not on proofs of theorems.


Function of one variable

  • important types of functions and their characteristics
  • main rules for graphs drawing and graphical representation of functions
  • graphical solution of equations
  • function identification using transformation of coordinates


  • properties, physical and geometrical meaning of derivatives
  • extrema and behaviour of functions
  • Taylor series and error estimates


  • indefinite integral
  • definite integral
  • basic properties of differential equations

Function of multiple variables

  • definition and geometrical meaning of partial derivatives
  • extremes of functions of two variables


  • basic matrix operations
  • solution of systems of linear equations using the inverse matrix


  • Klemera P.: Mathematics. Selected topics for students of Pharmacy. Faculty of Pharmacy, last edition.

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