Sample Prep Summer School: Learning outcomes

Summer School: Automation and miniaturization in sample preparation

Summer School 2022: Automation and miniaturization in sample preparation

Why do you need to attend this course?

First, on-line SPE using column switching or hyphenation of low-pressure techniques for sample pre-treatment to separation techniques are still not widely explored and we believe to offer a valuable introduction to these techniques and a new perspective for everyone working in the field of LC separations. By example, new applications of SFE are currently arising as green alternatives to solvent-based extractions of solid matrices. At second, we have focussed the course scope to green ways of extraction and are positive that the selected sample-prep techniques correspond to the modern trends in miniaturization, e.g., lowest consumption of organic solvents or the use of green extractants such as carbon dioxide or deep eutectic solvents. This trend is applicable in every analytical laboratory and is a valuable contribution to decrease our environmental footprint, work safety, and responsibility.

If you feel that green approaches will strengthen your research or routine laboratory work, we warmly invite to get a thorough overview on the advantages and perspectives these techniques offer in form of lectures and practical demonstrations and tasks with experienced lecturers and gain valuable expertise. Take advantage of this possibility to get a close look to front-end instrumentation, to find out how to develop and optimize your extraction methods, and to discuss critical parameters that could come in your own work applying the presented principles.

Who should attend?

This course is prepared mainly for PhD students but pre-graduate students with a good knowledge and interest on sample preparation are welcome, too. As a second group we believe that postdoctoral scientists, and even more experienced researchers who could apply such modern approaches in their daily work will appreciate detailed explanations and practical tasks.

Managers and supervisors of analytical laboratories and R&D staff are welcome to join us to see green extraction approaches and how to develop and apply sample preparation approaches corresponding with new and up-to-date trends. The selected applications can be transferred to other working fields, too, including pharmaceutical quality control, biotechnological field, or biological matrix analysis.

Learning outcomes

After completing this theoretical&practical course, attendees should be able to:

  1. choose the most appropriate extraction method for their own analytes and matrix of interest
  2. develop and optimize SPE in column-switching format including critical parameters, such as composition of eluting solvent versus starting mobile phase in LC
  3. develop and optimize both solid phase as well as liquid phase microextractions in low-pressure flow systems
  4. setup a Lab-In-Syringe analyser, understanding its basic operation and its potential for the automation and miniaturization of sample preparative approaches
  5. hyphenate low-pressure flow systems with LC
  6. develop and optimize SFE including critical parameters, such as composition of extractant for analytes of different lipophilicity
  7. apply DOE approach to optimize extraction methods
  8. apply green principles in terms of extraction techniques selection and development
  9. discuss principles of the mentioned extraction techniques, their advantages, and drawbacks
  10. interpret the obtained pre-concentration factors and to evaluate them in different systems
  11. identify potential errors that can occur in the extraction step and how they affect analyte determination

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