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Thursday September 16th Friday September 17th Pre-recorded

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Thursday September 16th

Intro 8:30   Welcome speech, practical information

Session 1

  Chairman: Prof. Martin Doležal     Co-chairman: Prof. Jarmila Vinšová
PL-1 8:40 Petr Zimčík Advances in the use of phthalocyanines and their analogues in photodynamic therapy
SC-1 9:00 Veronika Vyletelová Modifications of HDL components´ gene expression in liver of rat with adjuvant arthritis
SC-2 9:15 Mária Nováková Effect of heat-killed lactobacilli on the expression of genes related to lipid metabolism and inflammation
SC-3 9:30 Martina Mušković Synthesis, photophysical, photochemical and photobiological properties of amphiphilic Zn(II) and free base tripyridylporphyrins
SC-4 9:45 Eva Havránková Triazinyl-substituted benzenesulfonamides as inhibitors of bacterial carbonic anhydrase
break 10:00    

Session 2

  Chairman: Prof. Jarmila Vinšová     Co-chairman: Prof. Petr Zimčík
PL-2 10:15 Markus Pietsch Targeting tumor-relevant proteins – Inhibitors of the subunit interaction of protein kinase CK2
SC-5 10:45 Martin Vrbický Synthesis of oxazolidinone drugs Linezolid and Rivaroxaban via asymmetric Henry reaction
SC-6 11:00 Vinod S.K. Pallabothula Design, synthesis, SAR and in silico studies of 3-aminopyrazine-2-carboxamides as antimicrobials
SC-7 11:15 Marek Kerda Synthesis of hydrophilic substituted 3-benzamidopyrazine-2-carboxamides and docking into a homology model of mycobacterial prolyl-tRNA synthetase
SC-8 11:30 Aljoša Bolje Structural characterization and stability of proteins in solid forms
break 11:45    

Session 3

  Chairman: Prof. Petr Zimčík    Co-chairman: Assoc. Prof. Miroslav Miletín
PL-3 12:15 Reik Loeser Development of radiotracers as activity-based probes for the detection and imaging of transglutaminase 2
SC-9 13:00 Jana Čurillová Physico-chemical and biological characterisation of novel derivatives containing N-arylpiperazine fragment
SC-10 13:15 Petr Šlechta Design, synthesis and preliminary biological evaluation of new boronic acids derivatives
SC-11 13:30 Bianka Oboňová Synthesis and analysis of bidentate Schiff bases as potential ligands for new metal complexes
break 13:45    

Session 4

  Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Miroslav Miletín    Co-chairman: Dr. Marta Kučerová
PL-4 14:00 Bohumír Grűner Boron clusters as newly emerging 3D platform for design of specific inhibitors of pharmaceutically relevant enzymes
SC-12 14:45 Magdaléna Onuščáková Synthesis and antiproliferative activity of selected N-hydroxycinnamamide derivates
SC-13 15:00 Veronika Ballayová Synthesis of Schiff bases with potential therapeutic activity
SC-14 15:15 Daria Nawrot Hybrid compounds containing 4-aminosalicylic acid as potential antituberculotics
break 15:30    

Session 5

  Chairman: Dr. Marta Kučerová   Co-chairman: Assoc. Prof. Jan Zitko
PL-5 15:45 Mark Olsen ASPH inhibitors for the treatment of metastatic cancer
SC-15 16:30 Peter Zubáč Design, synthesis and structure-based optimization of potential phenothiazine antimicrobials
SC-16 16:45 Negar Maafi Antimicrobial activity of semisynthetic derivatives of montanine-type alklaoids
SC-17 17:00 Rudolf Vrabec Indole alkaloid from Vinca minor L. with promising activity against Alzheimer's disease
break 17:15    

Session 6

  Chairman: Dr. Marta Kučerová   Co-chairman: Assoc. Prof. Jan Zitko
PL-6 17:30 Roman Dembinski Synthesis of modified nucleosides, derived from pyrimidine, and their biological properties
End 18:00    


Friday September 17th

Session 7

  Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Radim Kučera   Co-chairman: Assoc. Prof. Hana Sklenářová
PL-7 8:30 Michael Gütschow PROTACs for the degradation of cyclin-dependent kinases and beyond
SC-18 9:00 Kamila Chomaničová Detection and characterization of trimetazidine metabolites in human urine by LC-MS/MS
SC-19 9:15 Hana Sklenářová Real-time monitoring in sequential injection system
SC-20 9:30 Ana Amić The application of gas chromatography for determination of residual solvents in melatonin
Comemrcial 9:45 Ondrej  Hillmich Solutions for medicinal chemistry Shimadzu
break 10:00    

Session 8

  Chairman: Dr. Lukáš Lochman   Co-chairman: Dr. Nela Váňová
PL-8 10:15 Radim Kučera Chiral separation of boron cluster compounds
SC-21 10:45 Ondřej Horáček Chiral separations of dicarba-7,8,-nido-undecaborane and cobalt bis(dicarbolide) derivatives
SC-22 11:00 Ondřej Kurka Analytical and semipreparative separation of chiral pharmaceuticals
SC-23 11:15 Daniel Heblík Complex screening of retention behaviour  of catecholamines
SC-24 11:30 Daniel Pecher Development of LC-MS method for simultaneous determination of drugs used in treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases
break 11:45    

Session 9

  Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Martin Krátký    Co-chairman: Prof. Martin Doležal
PL-9 12:15 Michal Kohout New psychoactive substances: global health threat or a pool of pharmaceuticals?
SC-25 12:45 Lucia Kočiščáková Improving monomerization of phthalocyanines in water by creating supramolecular complexes with cucurbituril
SC-26 13:00 Jan Kollár Cationic versus anionic phthalocyanines for photodynamic therapy: What a difference the charge makes
SC-27 13:15 Rozálie Peřinová Semisynthetic derivatives of Amaryllidaceae alkaloid haemanthamine as potential drugs in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
SC-28 13:30 Tomáš Goněc Synthesis of novel 2-(phenylcarbamoyl)naphthalene-1-yl alkylcarbamates possessing excellent antimicrobial activity against MRSA
break 13:45    

Session 10

  Chairman: Dr. Jiří Demuth   Co-chairman: Assoc. Prof. Jan Zitko
SC-29 14:00 Kamil Musilek Pyridinium oximes with ortho-positioned halogen moiety are effective reactivators of cholinesterases inhibited by nerve agents
SC-30 14:15 Ladislav Habala Transition metal carboxylate complexes with biological activity
SC-31 14:30 Martin Juhás De novo design of 2-aminooxazoles as inhibitors of bacterial β-ketoacyl-acyl carrier protein synthase III (FabH)
SC-32 14:45 Mária Pecháčová Statistical evaluation of the relationships between chemical structure and antimycobacterial activity in vitro of selected phenylcarbamic acid derivatives
SC-33 15:00 Adéla Diepoltová Antimicrobial synergy study – checkerboard analysis
SC-34 15:15 Michaela Kolářová A click reaction in oligodeoxynucleotide probes labelling
break 15:30    

Session 11

  Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Jan Zitko   Co-chairman: Dr. Jiří Demuth
SC-35 15:45 Manesh Nautiyal Targeting class I aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases with pyrimidine substituted aminoacyl-sulfamoyl nucleosides
SC-36 16:00 Filip Kostelansky Synthesis of acridine-4-carboxamides for thermal stabilization of short dna duplexes
SC-37 16:15 Lukáš Marek Novel synthetic approach for kinase inhibitors containing (Z)-3-[amino(phenyl)methylidene]-1,3-dihydro-2H-indol-2-one structure moiety
SC-38 16:35 Jiri Demuth Subphthalocyanines as photosensitizers  in photodynamic therapy
Closing 16:50    
End 17:00    


Pre-recorded short communications - available for download

RSC-1 Ghada Bouz Synthesis, biological evaluation, and in silico modelling of N-substituted quinoxaline-2-carboxamides   WATCH
RSC-2 Martin Krátký Synthesis and evaluation of small molecules active against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
RSC-3 Marta Kučerova 3-(Pyrazin-2-yl)-1,2,4-oxadiazoles as antimycobacterial agents or ethionamide boosters?   WATCH
RSC-4 Jan Zitko Biological properties of pyrazinamide derivatives - beyond antimycobacterial activity

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