Invited Speakers

Hradec Kralove

Conference Synthesis and Analysis of Drugs

Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Invited Speakers

Dr. rer. nat. Markus PietschDr. rer. nat. Markus Pietsch

Center of Pharmacology, University of Cologne, Germany

Targeting tumor-relevant proteins – Inhibitors of the subunit interaction of protein kinase CK2


Prof. Roman DembinskiProf. Roman Dembinski

Oakland University, Rochester, MI, USA

Synthesis of modified nucleosides, derived from pyrimidine, and their biological properties


Prof. Dr. Michael GütschowDr. Reik Löser

Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research, Radiopharmaceutical and
Chemical Biology, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany

Development of radiotracers as activity-based probes for the detection
and imaging of transglutaminase 2


Prof. Dr. Michael GütschowProf. Dr. Michael Gütschow

Pharmaceutical Institute, University of Bonn, Germany

PROTACs for the Degradation of Cyclin-dependent Kinases and Beyond


Assoc. Prof. Mark Olsen, Ph.D.

College of Pharmacy, Midwestern University, Glendale, AZ, USA

ASPH Inhibitors for the Treatment of Cancer


RNDr. Bohumír Grüner, CSc.RNDr. Bohumír Grüner, CSc.

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Boron clusters as newly emerging 3D platform for design of specific inhibitors of pharmaceutically relevant enzymes.


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