Analyses of factors determining therapeutic value, consumption and need of drugs after their introduction to clinical practice

Research group led by prof. RNDr. Jiří Vlček, CSc. deals with various aspects of the life cycle of the drug from research to the end of registration, as well as factors influencing the need and consumption of drugs in different population groups, and the pharmacy as a professional field.

The aim of the research is to develop the methods and their application in the observing of clinical and social factors influencing the therapeutic and economic value of drugs, and maximizing the effect and minimizing the risks of pharmacotherapy in real practice. An important focus of the research is the analysis of pharmacotherapy in population groups that differ from the population employed in drug testing in clinical trials. The research activity is carried out in 6 research units: Pharmacopoemiology and Clinical Pharmacy, Social Pharmacy and Drug Policy, Integrative and Complementary Medicine, History of Health Care and Pharmacy, Ageing and Changes in the Therapeutic Value of Medications in the Aged, and Compliance-Related Outcomes.

The Pharmacopoemiology and Clinical Pharmacy research unit led by Kateřina Malá-Ládová, PharmDr., Ph.D., is focused primarily on the research of drug consumption, the development of methodology and its application in the analysis of drug-related problems including aspects of medication patient behavior (needs, concerns and medication adherence), as well as analysis of pharmaceutical care indicators, the development and effectiveness of pharmacovigilance activities, and professional medicine information in clinical practice.

The Social Pharmacy and Drug Policy research unit led by Jan Kostřiba, PharmDr., Ph.D., is focused on the research projects aimed at better understanding of the impact of drug policy, its determinants, opinions, attitudes, beliefs and habits of citizens/patients in relation to medical and pharmaceutical care as well as to pharmacotherapy. Futher, transferring obtained conclusions to healthcare providers. These factors are observed in the context of social changes and changes in health and drug policy.

The Integrative and Complementary Medicine research unit led by Jitka Pokladníková, PharmDr., Ph.D., is focused on the evaluation of prevalence of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use, CAM attitudes, CAM regulation, and evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of CAM approaches, especially mind-body-spiritual approaches, in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases.

The History of Health Care and Pharmacy research unit led by Jan Babica, PharmDr., Ph.D., is carried out the research of the history of pharmacy and healthcare in the territory of the Czech lands and Czechoslovakia. The research is focused mainly on pharmacy practice in the early modern period and the 20th century, healthcare and its institutional form in the early modern period and on drugs, pharmaceuticals, and pharmacotherapy in the early modern period.

The research unit „Ageing and Changes in the Therapeutic Value of Drugs in the AgeD“ chaired by Daniela Fialová, PharmDr., Ph.D. focuses on processes influencing the ageing of the organism and their specific impact on therapeutical value of drugs in older population with respect to specific geriatric syndromes and symptoms, factors associated with geriatric frailty and other determinants of ageing. Also risk factors and negative impact of inappropriate prescribing of medications in older patients are analyzed in various healthcare settings.

The Compliance-Related Outcomes research unit led by Magda Vytřísalová, PharmDr., Ph.D., is focused on quantitative and qualitative analysis of the compliance (adherence) of patients and healthcare professionals to pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment and use of medical devices. At the population level, the factors influencing drug availability, registration issues, price and reimbursement regulation, regulation of prescription and its influence on drug use and medication compliance are analyzed.

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