Research program Development and Study of Drugs (Progres Q42)

The program is based on a long-term research profile of Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove, represents a contionuation of program PRVOUK P40 and includes in particular:

  • Syntheses of potential drugs and studies of structure-activity relationships;
  • Pharmaceutical analysis of drugs and other biologically active substances including the development and validation of new methods, especially using modern methods of sample preparation;
  • Studies of effects of drugs in various experimental pathological states;
  • Research in clinical and social pharmacy (analysis of factors influencing therapeutic value, use and consumption of drugs);
  • Studies of the pharmacokinetic profiles of drugs with focus on interactions with transport and biotransformation proteins;
  • Research of pharmaceutical dosage forms;
  • Study of secondary metabolites of pharmaceutically important plants, their biological activity and toxicity.

Research Teams and Workgroups overview

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