Dean’s Bulletin – 1/2023


Dear colleagues, dear students,

Jaroslav Roh At the beginning, let me thank you for all your work for the development of our faculty in 2022 and wish you a happy and successful 2023. The first half of January was, as usual, in the spirit of preparing interim and final reports of individual research and educational projects, and for students mainly in the spirit of preparing for credits and exams. Now the exam period is slowly moving into its second half, and I wish all the students good luck for the remaining credits and exams.

In the first half of January, the six-month preparation of the project "Top Research" of the Operational Programme Jan Amos Komenský resulted in the submission of a project proposal entitled New Technologies for Translational Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences (NETPHARM) with an expected budget of almost half a billion CZK. In addition to our faculty and the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, the CEITEC Institute of Masaryk University, and two institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences - the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry - participated in the preparation of the project as partners. I would like to thank the entire team of our faculty and partner institutions for their intensive work and preparation of all parts of this project proposal; in particular, I would like to thank prof. Petr Pávek and ing. Martin Hubáček for their guidance and coordination of the preparations. Let's keep our fingers crossed in the hope that our project will succeed and be accepted for funding.

The preparation of the project for the construction of our new campus continues, the public tender for the construction contractor is still open; however, the deadline for submission of bids has been gradually postponed due to a number of additional questions from bidders, currently until mid-March. In the meantime, preparations are underway for the further processes that will follow immediately after the opening of the bids of the individual bidders. On Thursday, January 19, a meeting was held with her magnificence the Rector and other members of the university management devoted in large part to the issue of our planned campus.

This Wednesday and Thursday, i.e., 1 and 2 February 2023, the faculty will host the 13th Postgraduate and Postdoc Conference, where our PhD students and young researchers and academics present the results of their research and indicate directions for its continuation. There is probably no better opportunity for students to learn what research topics are being addressed at the faculty and its departments and to be inspired, for example, when choosing a department for their research project, bachelor’s, or master's thesis. You are all cordially invited to the conference.

On Thursday 9 March, we can then look forward to a visit from her magnificence the Rector, who will meet and talk to several students and staff members of our faculty in an informal setting as part of the "Breakfast with the Rector" event.

In closing, let me welcome our new academic Dr. Russell Kitson to our faculty and wish him the best of luck in both his work and personal life in the Czech Republic. Dr. Kitson joins our faculty from the University of Warwick, where he held a position of Associate Professor.

doc. PharmDr. Jaroslav Roh, Ph.D.
Dean of the Faculty

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