Tutorial “Advances in Flow Injection Analysis” is hosted by Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové


In 2020, the web hosting the tutorial on flow analytical methods (www.flowinjectiontutorial.com) authored by Prof. Jaromír Růžička (Professor Emeritus at University of Washington and University of Hawaii at Manoa, Fulbright U.S. Scholar, awarded with the gold medal of Charles University), who first described Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) was transferred to the Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, Charles University. This tutorial has enjoyed considerable popularity in the international community of analytical chemists since its creation in the 1990s, originally available in an offline format.

Advances in Flow Injection Analysis

A modern tutorial “Advances in Flow Injection Analysis,” prepared within 2021, develops the content of the original tutorial when focusing on the recent advances in FIA and emphasizes flow programming. The new content provides better clarity for users and is extended by guest contributions, mainly with current aspects and innovations. The principal author remains Prof. Růžička, followed by Assoc. Prof. Petr Chocholouš and Dr. Graham Marshall (Global FIA, USA). All this became a reality thanks to the long-lasting collaboration of the Analytical Chemistry Group at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Prof. Růžička.

We hope that the traffic on the new website will also help to increase the international awareness of our faculty.

We are very grateful to ing. L. Rudišar and ing. J. Marek from the Center for Information Technology of our faculty for their kind support in hosting both tutorials and enabling their further development.

Text: Analytical Chemistry Group

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