Assoc. Prof. Hana Sklenářová was awarded the FIA Honour Award for Science by the Japanese Association for Flow Injection Analysis


Awards for long-term contributions in any scientific field are not common. At the international conference Flow Analysis XV, this June in Krakow, Poland, Assoc. Prof. Hana Sklenářová from the Department of Analytical Chemistry of the Faculty of Pharmacy was awarded the FIA Award for Science for her glorious contribution to advance modern flow injection analytical methods. The medal for developing sequential injection analysis and its applications to automate sample pretreatment and monitor long-term processes was presented after a three-year postponement by Prof. Norio Teshima, president of the Japanese Association for Flow Injection Analysis, the division of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry. Assoc. Prof. Hana Sklenářová presented her work in the invited lecture "Automation in sample manipulation for long-term monitoring."


The Flow Analysis XV conference, of which the thirteenth edition was organized in 2015 by the Faculty of Pharmacy at Charles University, was also attended by other members of the Laboratory of flow techniques of the Analytical Chemistry Group (ACG). Prof. P. Solich presented the plenary lecture "Flow Analysis and Sample preparation," and Assoc. Prof. P. Chocholouš and Dr. B. Horstkotte presented two other invited lectures. The team members also presented lectures in the session of young scientists and posters. The conference also included a meeting of ACG members with representatives of the strategic partners of the STARSS project (Prof. M. Miro, Prof. M. Segundo, and Prof. S. Kolev).

Thus, the participation of the Czech group was very successful and will be followed by the Polish-Czech FA&CE 2022 (Flow Injection & Capillary Electrophoresis) Symposium, which will be organized in October 2022 at our Faculty. Lectures and a workshop focused on the possibilities of automatized extraction procedures using flow techniques are planned. You are welcome to register for this event at the STARSS project website.

Congratulations to Assoc Prof. Hana Sklenářová; we wish her more, not only scientific successes. We also look forward to your participation in the mentioned symposium!

Text: Team of the Department of Analytical Chemistry
Photo: Archive of the Department of Analytical Chemistry

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