Dean’s Bulletin – December 2022


Dear colleagues, dear students,

Jaroslav Roh Let me greet you for the seventh and last time this year through the "Dean's Bulletin". I will start as usual with a report on the preparations for the construction of our campus, which will be very brief this time: the public procurement for the contractor is underway, the entire Mephared2 team is dealing with inquiries from potential bidders for the construction and we can look forward to receiving their bids probably during February.

Every year Charles University honours one outstanding teacher with the Arnošt of Pardubice Award. I am very proud that this year this prestigious award went to the head of our Department of Social and Clinical Pharmacy, doc. Josef Malý. There is no better proof that the teaching of profile subjects such as pharmaceutical care or clinical pharmacy is in good hands. Vice-rector doc. Markéta Martínková, on behalf of the evaluation committee, specially highlighted the merit of the doc. Malý for the construction and introduction of the pharmacy simulator into the teaching practice. Symbolically, just a few days later, the 26th René Mach Symposium of Clinical Pharmacy took place, whose main organizer was doc. Malý and the whole team of his department. Many thanks to all of them for the traditionally perfect organization of this event, which is widely attended and appreciated by the professional pharmaceutical community.

Further congratulations and thanks for the excellent representation of our faculty go to Rona Karahoda, PharmD, Ph.D., who received the Josef Hlávka Award for outstanding achievements during her PhD studies, as well as to all three successful proposers of the standard projects of the Czech Science Foundation (GAČR), Prof. Šatínský, Prof. Štaud and Prof. Zimčík, and to the successful proposer of the postdoctoral project Ivone Cristina Igreja e Sá from Prof. Nachtigal's group.

After a long time, the intention to reconstruct the Pajkrova flošna (the fortress building at the entrance to our Garden of Medicinal Plants) for the purpose of establishing a student club for all Hradec Králové (university) students is reviving again. In November, our faculty hosted a meeting of representatives of Hradec Králové universities and faculties with the representatives of the region and the city, headed by the mayor, at which the next steps in the possible implementation of this project were discussed.

Autumn is also a time of intensive organization of fairs, promotional events, open days, junior university or excursions of high school students, which play an important role in the promotion of our faculty. I would like to thank very much all those who have been and are involved in the organization and smooth running of these events, and thank you also for your valuable feedback and suggestions for their improvement.

In conclusion, I would like to invite all staff and students again most warmly to the traditional Christmas concert of our faculty, which will take place on 15 December at 19:00 in the City Music Hall of Hradec Králové, and I wish everyone a peaceful Christmas holidays and a successful entry into the new year 2023!

doc. PharmDr. Jaroslav Roh, Ph.D.
Dean of the Faculty

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