Awards for presentations of young researcher from the Department of analytical chemistry


16th Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference was held in Prague together with the 8th Informal Proteomic Meeting and 10th Czech Mass Spectrometry Conference from September 29th – October 1st, 2022 as a joint meeting on mass spectrometry and proteomics.


The Faculty of Pharmacy was represented by members of the Department of Analytical Chemistry, who presented their research in a form of short oral communication or poster. The poster presented by Mgr. Siddharth Jadeja focused on “The use of mobile phase with a low formic acid concentration in LC-MS proteomic analysis leads to enhanced electrospray ionization and improved sensitivity” was awarded the best student poster by the evaluation committee. Mgr. Jadeja also received a 500 EUR travel grant for the next European Proteomics Association Congress in Newcastle, UK, next year.

Mgr. Siddharth Jadeja is a postgraduate student at the Department of Analytical Chemistry working under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. PharmDr. Hana Sklenářová, Ph.D. and PharmDr. Juraj Lenčo, Ph.D. His research focuses on developing LC-MS-based analytical methods for proteomic and biopharmaceutical analysis.

Few weeks ago, in September 4th – 9th, 23rd Mass Spectrometry School was held in Milovy, Czech Republic. The researches from the Department of Analytical Chemistry, STARSS and EFSA-CDN project attended this conference. Organizing committee invited Dr. Juraj Lenčo to give a short course focused on the LC-MS in proteomics and prof. Lucie Nováková to summarize within two oral presentations the application of SFC-MS in analysis of small molecules and the introduction to biomolecules analysis. Three posters were also presented in the poster session and the work “The effect of make-up solvent composition on SFC-MS responses: Electrospray vs. Unispray“ presented by Dr. Kateřina Plachká was awarded by scientific comittee with 3rd place on the Best Poster Award Competition.

Congratulations on your win and good luck with future research work!

Text: PharmDr. Veronika Pilařová, Ph.D.
Photo: Department of Analytical Chemistry Archive

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