Czech Government discussed a proposal for extraordinary measures of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic for further dismantling


The government also discussed and approved a proposal for changes in emergency measures of the Ministry of Health. From Tuesday, May 18, 2021 there will be a partial adjustment in the measures regulating the use of respiratory protection. Exceptions will include new athletes and practitioners during training, exercise, wrestling, competitions, etc., including running and cycling, as well as customers in services that are provided with head and neck care and the use of a protective device would prevent the provision of this services.

Anti-epidemic measures will become more relaxed from Monday, May 24. The relaxation will concern school attendance, where university students will also be able to return to full-time teaching in theoretical classes, as will all remaining secondary school students. The rotary teaching method will also end where it has been ordered so far.

Limits will also be increased for the number of people in leisure centers, in hobby education facilities for children, at cultural, sports or association events inside and outside buildings, at congresses or at sports grounds. It will also be canceled at the entrance to the inner pavilions of the zoo or botanical gardens for individual tours, only the capacity limit of 50 percent, compliance with 15 m2 of indoor area per person and two-meter spacing will apply. Restrictions on accommodating guests in hotels or guesthouses will also end. However, each guest will have to prove a valid negative test for covid-19 or a certificate of illness or a certificate of complete vaccination during their stay.

The government also addressed the conditions under which it will be possible to resume the activities of so called schools in nature. These will be possible to start organizing from 31 May, the school will have to report the organization of the outdoor school to the hygienists, including address and contact and the responsible person on site, and all participants will have to prove a valid negative covid test, certificate of illness or certificate of completed vaccination.  Subsequently, they will have to be tested regularly during their stay and the hygienic conditions for the stay or meals are strict.

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