Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic with effect from 3/5/2021, relating to the activities of our faculty


We exclude basic changes / releases compared to the current regulation:

  • the operation of schools and school facilities under the Education Act and the operation of universities are restricted by prohibiting sports activities as part of education, with the exception of: b) fields of secondary and higher vocational education and study programs of universities in which sports activities are a key part framework or accredited educational or study program and c) sports activities in the Hradec Králové Region, the Pilsen Region and the Karlovy Vary Region held in outdoor areas, if other restrictions allow personal presence in education and under conditions under an extraordinary measure governing the organization of sports activities,
  • restricts the operation and use of sports grounds in indoor areas of buildings (eg gyms, playgrounds, ice rinks, courts, rings, bowling or billiard rooms, training facilities) and indoor areas of outdoor sports grounds, dance studios, gyms and fitness centers by prohibits the presence of the public, with the exception of: (i) sports activities in schools or school facilities and universities, where emergency measures allow;
  • operation of museums, galleries, exhibition spaces, castles, chateaux and similar historical or cultural objects, observatories and planetariums by prohibiting visits and tours of the public, with the exception of the Karlovy Vary, Hradec Králové and Pilsen regions, where only group tours are prohibited. that the operator does not allow the presence of more visitors than 1 person per 15 m2 of indoor area, which is accessible to the public, and visitors are obliged to maintain spacings of at least 2 meters, unless they are persons from the common household,
  • prohibits movement and residence without respiratory protective equipment (nose, mouth), which is a respirator or similar device (always without exhalation valve) meeting at least all technical conditions and requirements (for the product), including filtration efficiency of at least 94% according to relevant standards (eg FFP2, KN 95), which prevent the spread of droplets, namely: vii) museum, gallery, exhibition space, castle, chateau and similar historical or cultural object.

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