Extraordinary measures of the government with effect from December 3rd 2020


A. Restrictions on holding mass events by Resolution 1262/2020

Government with effect from 3 December 2020 until 12 December 2020

I. forbids

1. collective events, unless otherwise specified, carried out in a number of more than 10 persons indoors or 50 persons outdoors, with the exception of:

a) household members,

b) employees performing work for the same employer,

c) persons jointly performing business or other similar activity,

d) persons who jointly carry out an activity to which they are obliged by law, and it is necessary to carry out this activity in a larger number of persons,

e) meetings, sessions and similar events of constitutional bodies, public authorities, courts and other bodies governed by public law or persons established by law, which are held on the basis of law,

where the persons participating in the collective event keep a distance of at least 2 meters from the persons who are not participants in this collective event,

II. restricts

1. educational events and examinations in such a way that 10 persons may be present indoors or 50 persons outdoors at a time, and in the event that the examination is public according to the legislation, no more than 10 persons may be present indoors. 3 members of the public, participants keep a distance of at least 2 meters; a maximum of 4 participants sit at one table; meals and food, including beverages, are consumed only while sitting,

3. operation of sports grounds in such a way that:

a) professional and amateur competitions organized by sports associations take place without the presence of spectators,

b) in the interiors of buildings (e.g. gyms, playgrounds, ice rinks, courts, rings, bowling or billiard rooms, training facilities, dance studios, gyms and fitness centers) it is possible to practice only individual sports and may be present at one time a maximum of 10 persons, with the exception of sports activities in schools or school facilities and universities, where crisis measures allow it,

(e) for the exercise of recreational sports:

i) the indoor sports ground can be used by a maximum of 10 people and at the same time by a maximum of 1 person per 15 m2,

ii) a maximum of 2 teams or 2 groups can play outdoor in one sports area,

iii) regime measures are set for the arrival and departure from the sports grounds, the use of changing rooms, showers and toilets,

5. visits and tours of zoos and botanical gardens so that a maximum of 25% of the capacity of the maximum possible number of visitors can be used at one time, a maximum of 1 person per 15 m2 of indoor area intended for the public may be present indoors, and in the case of group tours of groups of up to 10 people,

6. visits and tours of museums, galleries, exhibition spaces so that a maximum of 25% of the capacity of the maximum possible number of visitors can be used at one time, and in the case of group group tours a maximum of 10 people,

14. operation of libraries in such a way that operators must comply with the following rules:

a) does not allow the presence of more customers in the establishment than 1 customer per 15 m2 of the part of the library that is accessible to the public,

b) actively prevents customers from staying at distances shorter than 2 meters, unless they are persons from the same household,

c) ensure that library staff perform hand hygiene with increased frequency in contact with books and other similar goods,

d) place disinfectants at the entrance to the library to make them available to customers for hand disinfection.

B. Restrictions on the operation of higher education institutions - Resolution 1263/2020

The government limits with effect from 7 December 2020 to 12 December 2020

1. operation of higher education institutions pursuant to Act No. 111/1998 Coll., On Higher Education Institutions and on Amendments to Other Acts (Act on Higher Education Institutions), as amended, by prohibiting the personal presence of students in classes and examinations if more than 10 persons take part in the examination at the same time, in university studies and in lifelong learning courses; the prohibition of personal presence of students under this point does not apply to:

a) for participation in clinical and practical teaching and practice of students of study programs in general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and other medical study programs,

b) for participation in clinical and practical teaching and practice, which takes place with external entities,

c) for laboratory, experimental or artistic teaching of a bachelor's or master's study program in the presence of a maximum of 20 students,

d) for study in a doctoral study program,

e) for individual consultations and for individual visits to libraries for the purpose of receiving or submitting study literature,

f) for first-year students in the presence of a maximum of 20 students,

2. operation of higher education institutions by prohibiting the provision of accommodation to university students who have a different residence in the Czech Republic in university accommodation establishments, with the exception of students who have been imposed work duties by the government pursuant to Act No. 240/2000 Coll., On Crisis Management and on the Amendment of Certain Acts (Crisis Act), as amended, and students who may participate in education pursuant to point I / 1 letter a), b), c), d) or f)

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