Extraordinary measures of the Ministry of Health with effect from November 23rd 2020


On 20 November 2020, 4 government resolutions were issued, which apply one after another on the period from 21 November to 12 December 2020. Two regimes will apply to universities - until 24 November, the regime of existing restrictions , from 25 November exceptions are extended (more below).

Government Resolution No. 1196 - extends the existing measures concerning universities until Sunday, November 22, 2020.

Government Resolution No. 1197 - valid from 23 November to 24 November, the same measures as before.

Government Resolution No. 1198 - valid from 25 November to 29 November   

  • prohibits presence of students in classes and examinations, with more than 10 participants taking part in test at the same time, university students and participants in a lifelong learning course; the prohibition of the personal presence of students under this point does not apply to:
    1. participation in clinical and practical teaching and practice, students of study programs in general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and other medical study programs and students carrying out pedagogical practical teaching and practice in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools or school facilities for institutional and protective education,
    2. for participation in clinical and practical teaching and practice, which takes place with external entities,
    3. for laboratory, experimental or artistic teaching in the last year of a bachelor's or master's study program in the presence of a maximum of 20 students,
    4. for study in a doctoral study program,
    5. for individual consultations and for individual visits of librarians for the purpose of receiving or submitting study literature,
  • part of education is not singing, with programs of study programs of universities in which singing is a key part of the study program,
  • education does not include sports activities, with some study programs of universities in which sports activities are a key part of the study program.

Government Resolution No. 1199 - valid from 30 November to 12 December - same regime applies to universities as in Government Resolution No. 1198.

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