The experimental work of the Analytical Chemistry Group was published in the journal Carbohydrate Polymers


The doctoral student Ing. Jakub Sedláček and his supervisors Dr. Martina Hermannová (Contipro a.s) and doc. Dalibor Šatínský from the Analytical Chemistry Group of the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, Charles University achieved an exceptional success. In cooperation with Contipro a.s., biotechnology company producing hyaluronic acid for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, they published experimental work "Insight into the distribution of amino groups along the chain of chemically deacetylated hyaluronan" (authors: Sedláček, J.; Hermannová, M.; Mrázek, J.; Buffa, R.; Lišková, P.; Šatínský, D.; Velebný, V., Carbohydrate Polymers 2019, 225, 115156) in journal Carbohydrate Polymers (Elsevier, IF2018 6.044).

In this work, deacetylated hyaluronan containing reactive free amino groups, which is an important intermediate for further modifications in biotechnological applications, was studied. An original approach was presented in the analysis of the distribution of amino groups in deacetylated hyaluronan using two different depolymerization methods. The comparison of experimental results in this work provided a unique view of the deacetylation of hyaluronan, which is a topic of doctoral study of ing. Sedláček: “Studying the distribution of substituents in derivatives based on hyaluronane” at Contipro a.s. company.


Carbohydrate Polymers a journal devoted to scientific and technological aspects of industrially relevant polysaccharides, with JCR IF2018 6.044, belongs to the first decile in three different JRC® Categories, which is quite unique!

JCR® Category

Rank in Category

Quartile in Category


2 of 71

Q1 (D1)


3 of 57

Q1 (D1)


4 of 87

Q1 (D1)

Let us believe that this work is another, and not the last piece in the successful scientific cooperation of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Charles University with worldwide commercially successful company with own R&D center, such as Contipro a.s. based in Dolní Dobrouč undoubtedly is!

The unique combination of two different directions of research, high-quality scientific work on the one hand and cooperation with industry on the other, with the involvement of a doctoral student, is no longer rare at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University!



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